Member of the month – January 2018

Member of the month for January 2018 

Irina Li

Our first member of month in 2018 is Irina Li! Irina is 34 years old, and lives in Lithuania, where she works as an HR manager. Her favorite bands are Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Saturnus, Mgla, Batushka, Death, Kataklysm, Judas Priest, Manegarm, Skaldmold, Windir, Izegrim, Arch Enemy, Draconian, Septicflesh, Behemoth, Agathodaimon, Rotting Christ, Skyforger, Ossastorium, Mandragora, Uada, and Agalloch. As many probably guessed, her favourite genres are atmospheric black, pagan/folk, melodic death, death/doom, and doom/gothic. The best concert she ever attended, was with her beloved Amon Amarth. The next show for her is Insomnium. Congratulations, Irina. You fully deserve the title, always active, and a great asset to MHF.

Team MHF Magazine wish you all the best and more support towards the group


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement