Having a pint with Souls of Tide.

Having a pint with Souls of Tide.


Have you ever wondered what a 70’s rock band would sound like today? Souls of Tide is somewhat strangely assembled as the different backgrounds of these six experienced musicians grew from both rock and metal. The members are known from other bands like Trollfest, Wyruz, Sarkom, Porterville, Dead Maple, Matanzick and Opel. This clearly flavours their style and sound to ensure variations within the barriers of rock-genres. Effective songs mixed with catchy choruses are the main ingredient, and the foundation built from bass-lines and drums gets melted together with the breathing Hammond-organ. Cleverly garnished with guitar-leads the path is open for the powerful and edgy vocals to set the mood.

The music can be linked to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Doors, but in a new and exiting wrapping. Souls of Tide have already released an EP since the band originated out of Hamar, Norway early 2014. Late 2015 they signed a deal with Mighty Music and their first release is the  “She’s Dead” single/video.

The full-length album named “Join the Circus” was released worldwide August 26th, 2016.

Both single and album are produced by the experienced producer Endre Kirkesola who teamed up with the band for one week of recordings at a cabin up in the Norwegian mountains. Isolated away from anything but nature, rock n roll and some alcohol, the band got pushed to its limits which clearly can be heard in the music!

Hey guys! Welcome to MHF.

Let’s talk fashion. Say a manager/booker/promoter/label wants you to incorporate the 70’s fashion to your shows, tie-dye ponchos and all. Describe your reaction.

Free clothes? Why not! But yeah, we are open-minded about that and always interested in a second opinion… If it makes us stick out more and more people listen to our music, – we are up for it! some of the guys in the band has been through both, 80’s spandex and wigs, corpsepaint as well as dressing as princesses, so this doesn’t sound too bad!

What’s the worst assumption you’re hearing about the band?

That we are trying to sound like a genuine 70´s band… We are not reinstating the 70´s – we are building on the elements we like and taking it beyond to make something different!

And what’s your most encouraging memory out of your entire career in the music industry so far?

The most exciting thing about being in a band is carving out ideas at home and at the rehearsal room and then watch it all grow into a monster of a song in the recording process. We really loved recording all of our songs up to date. But of course, we love playing live! One of our more memorable memories is touring the UK with the Quireboys. Nice lads, and we really bonded with them! To add a few in the moment things we would say when we first heard the first EP out of the studio.

I think we sat up all night listening to it! “Is THIS us??”

What’s the best thing about being a musician living in Norway?

             Norway tops the charts in UN’s best country to live in year after year, and we have a very “free to do whatever you want” kinda scene, sometimes the government even gives us financial support to play rock n roll, which is great! Also, some cool places to play and nice festivals. Don’t know why there is so many metal bands from Norway, there is really not that much to be pissed about, hehe.


How do you bond with your bandmates? Do you get together often besides work-related get-togethers?

Ole and Vegar get together to jam and drink beers until they drop quite often these days. Vegar and Øyvind own a boat together, so we do some wakeboarding on the lake Mjøsa, tell lies and drink beer.

Say we are all in a pub (post coronavirus) and having a pint. What’s the dynamic? Who’s the funny one, who always gets drunk, who can’t stop talking about work? (Clearly, I’m the one with all the interesting questions and the “I’m with the band” t-shirt)

           Oh, what a nice thought! Naa, Vegar the frontman is the one that knows everyone, exited all the time,  smiling and melting the ladies harts. Øyvind and Ole get the drunkest together solving world problems, Banken stays with his grappa and talks about Deep Purple and the other two are already in bed before you’re halfway down in your pint, hehe.


Final question: Say you win the lottery. What’s the best way for a band to spend their money?

Firstly, throw a big party! Then we would spend the rest on an extremely nice tour bus and jump on every tour we could to just get out there all the time.

If you have any last comments about your upcoming work please do share! We are excited to hear all about it!

Thank you for coming over and having a pint with us! MHF is always at your services!

      Well, this time around we went a bit in a different direction then we did in the start. Darker, slower more intense then the 70’s happy-go-lucky style we started out with, as the album coming up is a concept album. We just went, fuck it. Let’s do something else, scrapped all the songs we had so far and started over on a concept album we basically wrote in one weekend on a cabin. So far critics tend to like it! what we will do next, nobody knows. Probably will be something new again!

          Hey, that idea with all of us going to a bar really stuck in our heads now! Hope we can do it one day! Cheers!

I will take you up on that

Until then,