Interview With Black Rose Maze – Rosa Laricchiuta

Greeting from metalheads forever Magazine, how are you today?
Good, how are you?

How was your day so far?
So far so good, I’m busy and that keeps me happy, Where are you from?

I’m from India,
Wow that’s amazing, Namaste
I love India and Asia a lot.

I know you have travelled Asia a lot doing performance?
Absolutely, I have done a lot over the years and lot of my tattoo’s resembles Asia.

Your debut album is scheduled to release on August 7 2020, tell me about the songwriting and the production behind it?
Sure, The song writing is basically about the events that has happened in my life in the past when I was still trying to figure out my life, so its about the tough times and also independent strong woman,  it’s a little bit of my life and also about times I come open about my life where I didn’t wanted to before I was ready, so the collaboration is a little bit of everything and I really, I truly get inspired when I work, I think im a team player maybe because I play hockey all my life, I like working with others a lot, definitely get the creativeness and my goal is to collaborate with everyone, and everyone involved is amazing and it’s a bit of everything.

“Laws Of Attraction” is a song you made with Jeff Scott Soto, tell me how it feels to work with a legend like him?
You know what it’s very validating, I really wanted to work with someone great, the only person came to my mind was Jeff Soto, he is my TSO mate, I sing with him when we were on tour, he has all the shit together, sorry mind my language. I love where he is in his life, he is really really towards his career, and obviously I picked him for his voice, I feel like he is a beast in his depth and his tone,in his range and he is  like a ocean and he is in everything like I’m, I feel like I’m his female version you know, and I was really really happy when he said yes, I didn’t wanted to sound like OMG, I want to be content and was like wow great hahaha

You are one of the well known person throughout the world for your stage presence and especially on The Voice, how do you feel about those days?
You know what I feel I’m very proud of my accomplishments and I really worked hard to get here today and I really have so many amazing contacts with other musicians and had friends who helped grow and evolve and I still continue to grow and evolve in this business and one thing for sure you have to be resilient that I have never give up and I have had a good place and I keep growing and im really happy and excited, you know im stuck by myself and I really have that gut feeling and chose the path that has brought me here today.

Frontiers has signed a contract with you, how do you feel working with them?
I never heard of them before and  my TSO mates you know Dino Jelusic of Animal Drive, he wanted to a song with me a song from Roxette, it got so many views on youtbe, its incredible, he got me introduced to Frontiers that this is the girl I want to do the cover song with, that’s when they were like who is she hahaha and then we were contacted and Jeff Soto reached out to me and said my label would like to talk to you, would you be interested and I said absolutely and then the rest is history.

You had a close relationship with Eric,  you have toured initially with him, do you guys are still in touch?
Absolutely, it’s really unfortunate in this pandemic but Eric has helped me a lot in the Voice and he is a star Quebec Pop Rocker, He is like the Elvis of Quebec, He is emotional and he puts his whole heart and soul on stage and when he asked me to tour with him, I was in a TV show but of course I accepted and I was happy and I learned a lot from him, he is very very intense and performs like  I do with everything you got and all your emotions and everything on the stage and so now he has asked me to tour with him and spend time in the studio with him and be in his band and then the pandemic started and it didn’t work out and by end of August we have virtual web show and really looking forward to it and definitely we are in touch and he is a dear friend of mine.

You have a deep love for Melissa Etheridge and had shared stage with her, can you tell me about the experience?
Oh Boy, you know when I was a teenager I used to sing songs that all my parents were listening to lots of punk and soul and all of a sudden I listened to Melssa Etheridge and I was obsessed with her and at the same time I learned guitar too. It was an amazing experience and I was the happiest, I was floating when this happenened, I met Melissa Etheridge in the TV Show, I always remember this feeling, She is a great great human, I love the music and love the way she writes, its just wow and I will always enjoy this experience, She invited me to perform with her twice, Its literally a dream come true.

A 11 track album,  your own songs, how long you have been working on this?
They are not all my songs, there are 5 songs that’s of me and the rest I collaborated with two other writers I believe, and one song given by Clif Magness.

Atleast an year, some songs took me hours and one song took me one year, I remember started touring with TSO, I Started revising it and revising it and one year later I finished it. And some take weeks and months. So it took about a little more than a year to finish it.

What do you feel about having a band now and wow I gotta say, you made a pretty good album, totally loved it, great vocals and musical arrangement?
Aww thank you very much, those are kind words, I really appreciate it. When the band introduced it I was amazed, and was not happy that I wont be able to tour immediately after the release because of the pandemic, the album was supposed to be released in October but now we pushed to August, now with pandemic I don’t know whats going on with the uncertainties, I don’t know what will happen in the future , but im so sure that there will be a band and will be a tour.

You are from Quebec, do you have any plans to write any songs in French in the future for the fans?
Another good question, I live in Quebec and I speak French and also Speak Italian but struggling, hahah not struggling, I don’t; want to use that, Since English is my first language its easier, but I can write lyrics in French and I can come with a French album, it would be interesting and I know  for sure my fans would absolutely love it, because of the TV show I have a nice group of fans, who supports me and lot of them are from Quebec and it would be a beautiful gift and something that I could think of .

Message for the fans
I actually do, I want to meet everyone, I want to tour the world, I’m so, so motivated and I’m already getting responses from all over the world, I’m really really excited and I’m so blessed , Im getting  messages from everywhere, It’s overwhelming and my message to everyone is get this album and its gonna rock your soft heart out and please get in touch with me and lets stay friends, I want to come near your city, I want to feel everbodys energy and lets have a good time. I so want to be happy and spread my love for music.

Thank you for your time today Rosa
Oh Keith thank you so much, I’m happy I started my day with your Interview, you made my day, and I love your energy. Hope to see you in a tour one day.