AnthenorA – Mirrors and Screens

Mirrors And Screens
Punishment18 Records
November 27, 2020

AnthenorA were founded in 1989 by school friends Luigi, Fabio and Pooma near Turin. The three were heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Saxon, Helloween and many other Metal bands. The band name was borrowed from Dante Aligheri’s “Divine Comedy” (“Divina Commedia”). Anthenora is the name of a frozen lake in hell. Apart from the three founding members, there was a constant coming and going in the lineup. At the turn of the millennium, they were one of the most famous Iron Maiden tribute bands in Italy and toured across the country. Only in 2004 did the debut album “The Last Command” published. Two more followed by 2010. Although the band was obviously active after that, it took ten years to get a successor. And this will release in November under the name “Mirrors and Screens”.

A separate intro for a song. And then parts of the intro are quoted again in the actual song “Tiresias”. At least for me this is a first. Fortunately, you don’t hear any cheesy epic bombast sounds, but simple acoustic guitars. You can do it, but you don’t have to. But then the guys get down to business. The drums pound out of the speakers and the twin guitars go at a fast pace. To be on the safe side, I’ll take another look at the press release. Yes, AnthenorA are from Italy. But neither cinematic, opera bombast nor progressive tinkering can be heard here. Only flawless heavy metal of the 80s / 90s. Just like many bands of the NWOBHM era played it. Great! And it is precisely in this sense that is followed by the beautiful metal anthem “Alive”. And so, it continues. “30th” is probably a reminiscence of the band’s thirty years of history. The straight rocker “Funny Fricky Killer” is followed by the obligatory ballad “Bully Lover”. Musically, the circle closes with the intro, singer Luigi Bonansea is initially accompanied by acoustic guitars. Strings and a calmly played drums join in later. An ingenious guitar solo rounds off this album highlight. In contrast, “Low Hero” sounds like one of the great 80s stadium anthems. The start of “No Easy Way Out” takes some getting used to. The instruments are alienated with industrial gimmicks. But only briefly, then we hear straight heavy metal in the mid-tempo range again. I had already commented on the outstanding guitar work several times. At the very end it becomes temporarily quiet again. At the beginning of “War & Peace” acoustic guitars again determine the sound. These can be heard again and again during the song. But still the powerful guitars dominate here again, no matter whether riffs, beautiful melodies or filigree solos.

After a ten-year break, the Italians knock out a true heavy metal masterpiece. Of course you can tell the musicians have many years of experience. The sound is fresh and lies in the intersection between European Heavy Metal of the 80s and American Hard Rock. Of course you ask yourself, why did the band disappear into oblivion for so long? And please please dear musicians from AnthenorA, let’s not wait another ten years for a successor.


Luigi “Gigi” Bonansea – Vocals
Stefano “Pooma” Pomero – Guitar
Gabriele “Gabri” Bruni – Guitar
Samuele “Peyo” Peirano – Bass
Fabio “Smaro” Smareglia – Drums

Track list:

  • Intro Tiresias
  • Tiresias
  • Alive
  • 30th
  • Digital Feelings
  • Funny Fricky Killer
  • Bully Lover
  • Low Hero
  • No Easy Way Out
  • Like
  • Peter Pan
  • No… So What?!?
  • War & Peace
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10