Kat – The Last Convoy


‘The Last Convoy’

Pure Steel Records

Heavy Metal

FFO: Kat & Roman Kostrzewski/Sodom/Flames/Evil Blood/Bulldozer

Kat have flown the flag for Polish heavy metal since the mid 1980’s and have become somewhat of a heavy metal institution. Kat returned last year with the album ‘Without Looking Back’ and although it was lukewarmly received, the band undeterred by this are celebrating their 40th anniversary with the release of ‘The Last Convoy’.

                For Kat fans, ‘The Last Convoy’ contains new tracks interspersed with covers and reimagining of older works with a decent amount of guest appearances to boot. Long-time Kat lovers will be pleased to see that Henry Beck makes a vocal return for a retake of ‘Mind Cannibals’ whilst the band show a different, mature and adult side to the band with the acoustic ‘Dark Hole – The Habitat of the Gods’. Furthermore, the plaudits for this anniversary go to none other than Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, who delivers a masterclass vocal on 2020 version of ‘Flying Fire’. However, the covers of ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘Blackout’ are a little more Saturday night cover band with a few beers and whilst the version of ‘Highway Star’ is musically excellent, the vocals make it feel a little karaoke.

                ‘The Last Convoy’ may leave passing metal fans with a large ‘meh’, but there is enough here to entertain long-time fans, but is it really enough to celebrate your 40th anniversary with? Honestly? Probably not.

Adam McCann


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