Seraina Telli – Remember You

Seraina Telli
Remember You
December 25, 2020

She is known as the singer of the Swiss all-girl band Burning Witches. Less known for a long time was the progressive Rock Band Dead Venus, which she founded. After leaving the witches, she then forced work on Dead Venus. And released the debut album “Bird Of Paradise” last year. Well, one year later, the singer is obviously also walking on a solo path.

Remember You is a song about loss, and how it hurts when a friend or a partner suddenly turns against you and the trust has been broken. But life goes on, or maybe even starts! Is it possible to leave the anger behind and remember the good times? That’s how I remember you…

So, you can read it in the press release.

“Remember You” is a minimalist piano ballad. However, only in terms of the sparse instrumentation. When it comes to vocals, however, the blonde Swiss woman pulls out all the stops of her skills. Her voice alternates between tender / vulnerable and aggressive rocking. The latter is very reminiscent of her performance at Burning Witches. But the video is also minimalist. Seraina recorded this with her i-phone at an SBB train station in Lucerne.

I am curious how it will go on now. Will “Remember You” remain a flash in the pan? Or will more songs follow, with more instrumentation? Let’s see what the future holds.

Seraina Telli – Remember You:


Seraina Telli – Vocals, e-Piano

Track list:

  • Remember You