Slaverty – Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination
Wormholedeath Records
November 27, 2020

It wasn’t that long ago that I got to know a Chilean doom metal band with Lapsus Dei and interviewed them. Morning Sun also play Doom. But other sounds also come from the Andean country, as Slaverty proves with their melodic Metal. The band was founded in 2014 by singer Karin Monserratt and ex-bassist George Ugalde, who is currently the band’s manager. In 2016 a demo “The Biggest Mistake” was released. Then they started working on their debut album “Beyond Imagination”. Three of the songs have already been released as single in advance. In 2020 the Chileans were able to sign a recording deal with Wormholedeath to release the debut album worldwide.

Driving rhythmic drums, strings and shortly afterwards hard guitar riffs. And a singer with a clear and powerful (mezzo) soprano. These are the basic ingredients for symphonic metal. The Chileans are no exception with “Dreamcatcher”. It is gratifying that singer Karin Monserratt does not try to get into the highest registers all the time. Later, the double bass drives ahead, accompanied by the keys. Then the guitar faction can put their skills to the test. Among the bombastic choruses Karin can prove that she also masters the high soprano clean. This is where the classical vocal training shows. Matching the song title “Fairyland”, a fairy (children’s?) Choir can be heard first. Just before the riffs and drums set the scene again. After the somewhat gloomy “Dementia” comes the first ballad. With “Be Free” the singing is accompanied exclusively by e-piano and strings. Later the ballad “So Close To Me” follows, but with powerful instrumentation and a wonderful guitar solo. Here the singer is supported by a male singing partner (Ives Gullé). Both voices harmonize perfectly with each other. Instead, Slaverty deliver high-speed metal at “Appreciate”. The album ends with the anthemic “The Enchanted Forest”. Here, too, you can enjoy the duet Karin Monserratt / Ives Gullé again.

On the Facebook page you can read under the genre “Rock / Metal”. But that only partially describes the sound. Due to the large amount of orchestration and the clear vocal performance, it is essential to add “symphonic”. “Beyond Imagination” is a successful debut album. Recorded by very good musicians. But without any major highlights. But even without a bad song. So a typical album for this genre. One can certainly expect more from Slaverty in the future.

Slaverty – Dementia:


Karin Monserratt – Vocals
Juanjo Ulloa – Guitars
Edgardo (Soco) – Guitars
Matías Schwartz – Keyboards
Oz Silva – Drums

Track list:

  • Dreamcatcher
  • Fairyland
  • The Biggest Mistake
  • Dementia
  • Be Free
  • Appreciate
  • So Close To Me
  • The Beauty Of Life
  • Unconscious Reality
  • The Enchanted Forest
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10