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FFO: Slayer, Kreator, Metallica, Destruction, Warbringer

Back in the day, the thrash debate was always America or Germany? But now, 30 years on, the thrash has diffused, worked its way around the globe, seeping into every country with a young generation picking up the mantle. This is where Portugal’s new starlets ThrashWall announce their arrival with their eponymous debut album.

                What a way to herald your arrival with an album of this nature, listening to ‘ThrashWall’ is like opening up a portal to 1984, tight jeans, white trainers, leather jackets an’ all. This is an album that reminds us exactly why we love thrash in the first place. Furthermore, as classic thrash as this album is, there are also are large element of crossover sound that gives this debut album an extra bang of firepower. ‘ThrashWall’ is an album that oozes honesty and integrity; it is streetwise, rough and ready with tracks such as ‘Insanity Alert’, ‘Mental Destruction’ and ‘War Outside the Wall’ have touches of the songwriting panache of classic Metallica coupled with the raw aggression of Slayer as well as early Kreator.

                When it comes to the band’s name, admittedly, it isn’t very inventive; but thankfully that is where it ends. ThrashWall have delivered an album that is actually quite addictive, enjoyable and if you’re disappointed if any of the big thrash albums this year, then it may be worth putting a punt on ‘ThrashWall’ as a dark horse.

Adam McCann


  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
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    Art - 7/10
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    Production - 7/10