Vetrar Draugurinn – LIVE at E-Sound Studios

Venue: E-Sound Studios Weesp (Niederlande) – Livestream
Date: January 02nd, 2021

For almost a year we have only been dominated by one topic – COVID 19. This is associated with many restrictions on public life. The event and entertainment industry is down. Artists are not allowed to perform, even if events in front of a radically reduced audience were possible in the meantime. The new year 2021 will start the same way the old year ended. Musicians try to entertain their fans at least through online streamed performances. However, these are only a poor substitute for a real live feeling.

The start of the livestreams this year, at least for me, was presented by the Dutch Dark Rockers Vetrar Draugurinn (Icelandic for The Winter Ghosts) on StageIt. From the E-Sound Studios in Weesp (southeast of Amsterdam) they broadcast their Doom Metal into the world. Well-known musicians from the Netherlands play in this band. Above all Eric Hazebroek (Pilgrimage, ex-Stream of Passions). and Marjan Welman (Autumn). One EP (I. (One), 2017) and one album (Hinterlands, 2019) have been released so far. Work on the successor is in full swing. With “The Observer” and “The Night Sky” two new songs have already been introduced. The other four songs could already be heard on “Hinterlands”. Both guitarists always excelled with solos. The lower-tuned and strung with eight (!) strings Guitars made for a gloomy atmosphere. In addition, classic plucked bass and accented drums. The dark timbre of singer Marjan Welman was the icing on the cake. The only point of criticism: No announcements between the songs. Only the song titles were shown.

Set list:

  • The Observer
  • Mother of Northern Skies
  • I Am
  • The Night Sky
  • The Narrow Path
  • Twelfth Night

Vetrar Draugurinn are:

Marjan Welman – Vocals
Eric Hazebroek – Guitars
Thomas Cochrane – Guitars
Arjan Heijden – Bass
Jim van de Kerkhof – Drums

Website: VetrarDraugurinn – Official website of the Dutch melancholic metal band

Images courtesy of Vetrar Draugurinn

The band does not have a special donation link. If you want to support the musicians, just take a look at the webshop. Here you can find t-shirts and the debut EP “I.” The debut album can be purchased on the band’s Bandcamp website.

Vetrar Draugurinn Webshop:
Bandcamp: Vetrar Draugurinn (