Born of the boredom found in the earliest days of COVID-19 quarantine, COLLAPSE CULTURE is a long-distance collaboration by Graham Scala (Bleach Everything, US Christmas, Interstitia) and Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City, Strangelight, Less Art) that started as an attempt to step as far out of their comfort zones as possible by making a dance record. The process was originally something of a distraction while it felt like the world was falling apart outside their door and therefore the end result was something darker, spacier, and more disorienting than intended – a hazy, washed-out expanse of ambient-inflected dub techno in the vein of Burial, Andy Stott, or Bill Laswell that would be better suited to dancing in the ruins of an abandoned temple in a country not found on any map than it would be for the club.

COLLAPSE CULTURE’s eponymous debut features eight diverse, ominous tracks that meld elements of post-rock, dark electronica, and cinematic components. The record was recorded by its members Graham Scala and Ian Miller in their respective houses in Asheville, North Carolina and Oakland, California, and all mixing, mastering, and artwork was handled by Scala.

Collapse Culture will see digital release through Pax Aeternum on January 29th. Find preorders HERE.