to the Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation Playlist. This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy world metal domination.

01 – Indoctrinate

Angelus Apatrida

The Spanish thrashers return with a monster of an album that is one of their best offerings to date and this opening track is furious.

02 – Wither


Asyllex have dropped their first album in four years and this track shows that there is much more to these guys than just generic thrash.

Asyllex -Wither [OFFICIAL LYRICS] – YouTube

03 – Born Again

Black & Damned

Members of Pump and Your Name have joined together to deliver an album of no frills or gimmicks… just pure Teutonic heavy metal.

BLACK & DAMNED – “Born Again” (Official Music Video) – YouTube

04 – Saint Peters Road

Blood Region

From an EP that is short and sweet, but no less powerful as this melodic masterpiece. It’s sombre, it’s brooding and it’s bloody good.

05 – Warpriest

Celtic Hills

A raw piece of European power metal that really show the integrity and passion that goes into hard working smaller bands.

Celtic Hills – Warpriest [Official Video] – YouTube

06 – Voracious Souls

Death Angel

Enigma Records have lovingly repackaged up and re-released the early Death Angel albums with the added bonus of a live and rarities albums.

DEATH ANGEL – Voracious Souls – YouTube

07 – Am I Evil (2020)

Diamond Head

Just when you think re-recordings are dull; Diamond Head release a blinder with their ‘Lightning to the Nations 2020’, a true classic given a modern breath of life delivered through the dignity and respect it deserves.

08 – Filthgrinder


Had the Bay Area of San Francisco been in Sicily, then this is what thrash would have sounded like as Xenos deliver their decent debut album.

XENOS – Filthgrinder (OFFICIAL AUDIO) – YouTube

09 – Stormcrow


The Italian death/doom are back with their sophomore album and are ready to go toe to toe with the gargantuan bands of the genre.

Stormcrow – YouTube

10 – Stellar Victory


Hellspike smash down the doors of the Teutonic thrash movement and demand to be let in as the Portuguese thrashers salute Destruction and Kreator with their breakneck rhythms.

HELLSPIKE “Stellar Victory” (taken from the album “Lords of War”) – YouTube

11 – Niemi


It may have taken some years, but Korpiklaani are back and they are on top form with their latest album. The Finns have found their spark again, so pour yourself a drink and get ready to jig along.

12 – Christe Eleison


Legionem is the sound of doom done right. It reeks of cheap hash and foundation quaking riffs. Doom fan? Yes? Get it on.


13 – Bonded By Blood

Steve Blower

From the ashes of Hamerex, Steve Blower rides out with his classic heavy metal sound that would makes fans of Iron Maiden, Saxon and Accept stand up and raise their horns.

Steve Blower: Bonded by Blood (Official Music Video) – YouTube

14 – Elephant Tree (Live)


The Deafheaven main man steps forward once more with Summoner to deliver the bands first live offering. It’s squeaky clean and shows the band firing on all cylinders.

Elephant Tree – Dawn (Live) – YouTube

15 – Death on Repeat


The doom veterans are back with a split release with Grime and this track showcases that the band in all their glory.

16 – Looters Will Be Shot


Betrayed are back with a compilation of their two latest EP’s as the Chileans plant themselves firmly on the thrash metal map with this contemporary track.

Looters WIll Be Shot – YouTube

17 – I Lost


It’s been 30 years since this album went missing, but now, this lost gem has been found and re-released as the thrashers show that had they been formed in the Bay Area, their story would have unfolded much differently.

Bezerker – I Lost – YouTube

18 – Hellion

Cosmic Reaper

Doom. Check. Science-Fiction. Check. Retro vintage feel. Check. Cosmic Reaper lay the foundations for a fantastic career ahead of them.


19 – Rising

Gaia Epicus

‘Seventh Rising’ shows that there is plenty of fuel left in the Norwegian power metallers tank as Thomas Chr. Hansen returns with a glorious album of soaring European metal!

Rising – YouTube

20 – I, Pallbearer

Harakiri For The Sky

HFTS are one Europe’s premier metal bands that often fall under the radar and their upcoming release continues the bands run of exceptional work.

21 – War Machine


With this track, these Swedes show that they can keep up with their big contemporary American peers with this huge modern sound.

Lillasyster – War Machine (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

22 – Illusion or Reality?


Moonscape have delivered a near as perfect sophomore album as you can get. This is progressive metal at its finest and any fan of this genre should pick up a copy of it.

Illusion or Reality? – YouTube

23 – A Piece of Meat


This Italian sludge band show that they have all the grooves and their latest split with 16 showcases this perfectly.

GRIME – A Piece Of Meat // HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records – YouTube

24 – S-Blade Serenade


Like Lazarus, Siren have risen from the Flordian swamps to deliver an excellent album of classic heavy metal that may be 30 years too late, but it’s been worth it.

S-Blade Serenade – YouTube

25 – Ars Metal Mentis

The Black

Black Sabbath style riffs, Latin lyrics and Pentagram delivery? Yes, please.