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Evergrey is a melodic progressive metal band formed by Tom S. Englund in Gothenburg, Sweden in the year 1995. Evergrey’s music has always dealt with the dark side of life. Issues such as self-reformation, paranoia, alien abduction, child abuse, cults and religion hjohan_niemannave all been topics to appear in Evergrey songs. September 9 2016 marks the release date for Evergrey’s 10th full-length studio release entitled The Storm Within.

Johan Niemann, Evergrey’s bass player is a member of the Metalheads Forever community. He has quite a list of credits to his name, in addition to his six years with Evergrey. In addition to Evergrey, Johan is a member of Demonoid, Mind’s Eye, Sectu, and Tears of Anger. Previous bands include Afterglow, Therion, Hubi Meisel, Evil Masquerade and The Murder of My Sweet. Metalheads Forever is honored to have this talented musician amongst its members.



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