MHF Metal Facts

MHF Metal Facts


Metal Fact #005 : Cliff Burton was not the original bassist for Metallica, it was a guy named Ron McGovney he plays on the demo ‘No Life Til Leather’ alongside with Lars on drums, James on vocals and Dave Mustaine on guitar.






Metal Fact #004: Jeff Hanneman from slayer once started a short lived hardcore band in 1984 with Dave Lombardo and Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Rocky George the band was called Pap Smear.





Metal Fact #003 : before they changed their name to venom, they were originally called ” Guillotine ” which was a 5-piece band. When they changed their name to venom, Clive Archer who went by ‘Jesus Christ’ was the original vocalist from (1979-1980) and played vocals on the demon






Metal Fact #002 : Queen guitarist Brian May plays lead guitar on a Black Sabbath song called ‘When Death Calls’ on the 1989 album Headless Cross’.






Metal Fact #001 : Kam Lee Played the additional vocals and drums on Death’s demos ‘death by metal’ and ‘reign of terror’ while chuck played the guitar , bass.



MHF Magazine/Omar Cordova