Siren’s Rain – Rise Forth (Full Album Premiere)

Rise Forth is the first full-length album from folk metalers Siren’s Rain, a follow up To Beneath the Narrows (2018) and Nightmares from the Abyss (2019).  Rising from the chaos of the pandemic, Rise Forth is a culmination of three year’s worth of songs. This work revisits the harp and mandolin from the first EP and introduces the nyckelharpa to the band’s instrumentation. This album delves into the themes of abandonment, betrayal, hope, despair and resilience. Heavier, faster and galloping, Rise Forth showcases the band’s musical growth and exploration of the barriers of aggression. 


  1. Prologue
  2. Keepers
  3. Corporeal Chains
  4. Rise Forth
  5. Borderline
  6. Pennies For The Ferryman
  7. 13 Steps To Hell
  8. Discarded Hope
  9. Folk Metal Funk

Check Out The Below link for the Premiere