A Chat With The Danish Metal Giants “Evil”

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the editorial head, how are you today?

Very busy, having  hope for the planet and future.

You recently re-released your debut EP “Evils Message” and demos and live recordings from 1985 “Ride To Hell” last week, can you tell me a bit about these demos and live recordings, what was the idea of bringing some of the old stuffs as a release for the fans?

The idea was to warm up for the new record late or early next year, the demo tape was found by the record company, Michael Andersen from Mighty Music/From the vault, liked the songs and asked me if it was ok to re release it.

You have been back on the studio making a new album, can you tell a bit about the work behind the scenes?

We recorded the drums in antfarm studio, Tue Madsen was/is behind the mixer, and he is very very good I think, we have recorded everything now, and Tue Madsen is gonna mix all the songs.

Along with Mercyful Fate, Evil is one of the most successful powerful band, and put Danish metal scene to the world, how has the journey been so far?

Fun!!, maybe Mercyful Fate have more fun, I hope they have, “Nuns have no fun” I know some of them, they are nice people.

What would be some of the upcoming plans for the band?

Making a video, play some gigs, have fun !!! no nuns !!!

How did the rumour that King Diamond was Kim Xmas spread out, what was the reason behind this rumour?

I really don´t know, maybe because off the name (Kim) both have

How Evil look into the future, How do you plan to bring the glory of Evil back on the scene?

Hard work and no B.S

What would be some of the great moments you had over the years?

Had a record deal in 1990 with Megaforce records Jonny Zazula, it was another band I played drums in, we open Roskilde festival orange stage in 1990

You have given the world some of the greatest music in the early 80s and still kicking ass, how do you look the journey in time?

Thx, I didn’t know, it was very nice said, again thank you, the journey in time is, I have been learning a lot from the young people from the band, Henrik Molin, Martin Steene, Doc Nico, and Jakob Haugaard, is some of them.

Your Evils Message EP was like a gem to the metal world, the most powerful metal record that goes down in history, how do you feel about the success of your debut EP?

I was only 21years, I was Freddie Wolf and became Darth Vader in the 80´s, now in Freddie Wolf again, the power of Evil is not to be taken lightly.

Evil has been known as a cult metal band for the hardcore metal fans, but there a younger generation who may not know about the history about the band, would you like to take a walk down the memory lane?

If you can wait, it will all be told on the new album (Book of Evil) and the song (Book of Evil)

Metal genre is ever evolving, as you have seen new genre’s has risen out when you look down in history of metal, what would be some of the newly found genres that you enjoy?

Gojira !!!!!!

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

Take good care of your balls, and stop hate crimes.