Algerian Metal Rebirth

Algerian Metal Rebirth

By Ala Darkbrain

In the biggest country of Africa, Algeria, where metal fights to get out of ashes metal community seems to work together for a same goal; as we talked to bands, event managements and metal fans, everyone is putting hand in hand and dream of a bigger scene in the near future.

DZ Metal Rebirth is the most recent concert, which took place in Algiers the capital,

This title looks like a big statement of a new rise.


We interviewed Nazih one of the event management team:

Metal Rebirth that’s a big name. Is it a start of something big?


Nazih: We are working hard to move the metal scene and face all difficulties. Our goal is not only to organize one concert but to have more events during the year, and to present Algerian metal to the world.

The idea behind DZ Metal Rebirth  came when a band member and a friend told me he want to go on stage, and he was facing difficulties getting a venue.

During the past two years there were almost no events. We decided to create an organization and call it DZ metal Rebirth

I have studied the possibilities that would make the metal rebirth in Algeria, We have found out that creating an association is the best way to proceed.

We need the state prestation so by creating associations we would benefit of their subvention.

Last month there were another concert by Mayhem corp; MetAlgeria is it what inspired you to start this?


Nazih: Actually the project started last December and we decided to launch it now, We didn’t know about MetAlgeria, but after this interesting event we were more motivated to go out and take a step forward.


What is good about MetAlgeria event is the atmosphere and the nostalgia of the meeting of the metal generations.


what are the difficulties you have faced when you started this project?


Nazih: Finding the venue and the sponsors. But we are currently negotiating with some potential ones.


Why do you find difficulties finding this two ?


Nazih: Metal is new to many people and sponsors are just part of the society. Our society is conservative, in a way that individuals try to protect what they are used to in their everyday life, they take time to embrace the things that look foreign to their traditions and culture. Also this music looks controversial due to how Media were portraying it the past few years. But now as people are asking questions, we are giving them the answers, by presenting Metal to the big public; what is this music and what is Metal culture.

So do you think it is more like a cultural question?


Nazih: I think Metal is facing the same thing, that “Raï” local music genre have faced when it was first created here, it was considered anarchist. But now it has a huge fan base, and big artists who are representing Algeria through this music.

The Algerian public will accept metal when they feel that the lyrics speaks about their own problems, then when they see that it has something they can relate to. And that’s what algerian bands are trying to do.

But I think this problem including the question with the sponsors and venues, will go with time as we organize more and more concerts and when they see the solidarity of the Algerian metal community.

Tell us about the metal community


Nazih: Algerian fans are thirsty, for more production and more shows. And we as organizations must work to satisfy this special public. They remember each event and ask for more, which is very motivating.


How to present Algerian Metal to the world?


We would be organizing cultural exchange in the future, by bringing bands to play in Algeria and discover this scene. Then it is the Algerian band’s responsibility to represent our culture to the world, by mixing Metal with some of the Algerian musical rich heritage. That’s what some bands like “Lalahell” are doing. We can bring musicians with different styles to work together  and take from each other.

We wanted to know in depth about the MetAlgeria event that took place 24 February, and we had this interview with one of the management team Anis Haddouche.

After the success of your MetAlgeria event here we meet in another Metal event, DZ Metal Rebirth. How is the metal scene here today?


Anis: Algerian metal scene was asleep during the last years. In 2010 there used to be concerts each month or two months. but by the year 2011 metal image got a bit malformed.


What happened in 2011?


Anis: It started before that, but by 2011 algerians usage of social media grow significantly as they get more interested in it. In this platforms some people share some cliché about metal which media has put forth. In consequence during this period it was hard for us to find venues.

But now we try to bring more media coverage for metal, and things are going to move in the future. In the last edition of MetAlgeria we tried to publicize the most through TV, radio and social media. And we can say that the four side of the country heard about our event. We will continue to mediatize and promote the good image of metal.

How did you begin the MetAlgeria project?


Anis: MetAlgeria is like a meeting of metal pioneers in Algeria, it was organized in association with Mayhem corp, which is an organization non governmental or a kind of group , together we created this event: a metal open day with a metal debate and the concert.

We choose “Palace of the Raïs” to organize our first edition. A member of Mayhem corp used to work there, this helped us to gain access to this classified historical monument.


MetAlgeria will be soon a national association, it will work for the development of metal scene in Algeria and would organize more and more events, gets sponsors, and bring foreign bands.


How did you choose the bands that go on stage the first edition?


Anis: Most of the bands are members of the MetAlgeria. Now we are choosing the bands that would go on stage the second edition that will take place on June after Ramadan.


What is the next step for Mayhem corp and metAlgeria?


Anis: For metAlgeria organizing more concert per trimester. And Mayhem corp would keep working on the mediatization. The last edition we had 700 fan assisted the concert, who came from 48 states.The next edition we would choose a bigger venue and welcome more fans. Our alternative project is to create a Label. And why not creating a festival. Also we are developing our own website.


How to make Algerian Metal stand out in the world?


Anis: In my opinion we should mix what we have in our culture with metal. For example by playing some compositions from our patrimony. Personally I have a project in mind; playing Kabyle music, which is a folk Algerian music, with folk metal. I think this would be new for metal in the local and the international metal scene.


Thank you we will see you again in the next editions and we are waiting for more metal events.


Metalgeria, 24 février 2018, © « Younes Sari »



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