Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?


The Human: I’m doing just fine. Tracking a hip hop client as we do this interview. Multitasking. The ladies love a man that can multitask.


Cody: I am doing great. Just having a cold beer, fresh off of work. I feel relaxed.


Could you please brief us about Amerakin Overdose, the history of the band?


The Human: Basically Cody got tired of band members that didn’t understand his vision so he came into my studio as a client. Eventually client became colleague as I saw how truly serious and dedicated Cody was. Went through the initial growing pains that all bands go through, members changes, exploring different looks and musical styles and now here we are. Still exploring but with a better vision of the end goal.


Cody: As Human stated I was fed up with weekend warrior musicians. People who just wanted to play to get women or to party. I decided to start my own project and make my vision a reality. Luckily, I met Human and we started the monster that is Amerakin Overdose. Brick and Pete quickly came on board after we laid out the foundation and together we have gone through hell to make a name for ourselves. The band started in mid 2009 and we started playing non stop shows starting in 2010. We have done a number of tours and have played with a ton of national acts. We’ve had lineup changes, but it’s always been the core 4 of us since the beginning.


Recently I read in an article where you stated that you are not a band rather a culture and a way of life, could you please tell us about it?


The Human: I think Cody would be better to go over this. I’m an uncultured swine and a hermit.


Cody: Most people, real people, like the underdog. They like being a part of something. The feeling like you belong. The feeling of building something from the ground up. We have a ton of people who support this band because we accept everyone. We don’t care what you look like, what your beliefs are, what your social status is, what your sexual preference is or how you identify yourself. You can be blue, purple silver or gold. We accept everyone so long as you are a decent human being. We have people of all ages from 5 year old kids to 65 year old fans, people of all different backgrounds. We come together to enjoy music. Have fun and laugh at things that many other people might not understand or get offended by. We have the craziest supporters. I always say we are a band of the people for the people. We don’t consider ourselves superior or above anyone. We are just musicians who like to play and be a part of something. We have so many people behind us that push us we feel we owe it to them to continue to succeed and progress. We have never had any labels or big company’s pushing us, everything that we have accomplished has been because of our hard work and the hardwork of our supporters/fans that push us and spread the word about the band.


It seems like you are influenced by Industrial rock and metal bands, Why did you choose this genre, is this something you love?


The Human: Cody wanted to do something different. Though the mixture of industrial/keyboards and rock has been done, it’s never been done to this extent without being a virtuoso band (Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, etc)


Cody: I am an extremist. I like happy pop music, I like dark heavy pissed off metal. I wanted to do something that combined the two and had a twist of the industrial entwined. There isn’t really any bands in Oregon that do what we do, so I wanted to make sure when I started a band it would stand out from the rest. My goal was for people to either love it or hate. I didn’t want people to be impartial or say “they are ok” or “I kinda like them” It had to be one or the other and I wanted people to talk about us, whether it be shit talking or talking us up. I wanted the the band, the sound, the image, the live performance to be memorable.

How is the support from your hometown Portland, Oregon?


The Human: Depends on who you ask. It’s really probably just like any other town. A mixture of support and unnecessary animosity.


Cody: Agreed with Human. I think for the most part, people support and are happy for what you do. Everyone has their projects they are involved in and obviously more concerned with, which I totally understand, I am guilty of this myself. We try not to focus too much about what we do here locally and more so focus on what we do nationally and internationally to get our name out. The local shows are more fun and for our friends. I go to as many local shows of bands that my friends play in as well as underground bands that are passing through Portland.


Any plans or albums for 2017?


The Human: Planning the creative process is a mistake, but we are actively recording new material to be released. Expect at least a couple tracks. 2018 is more likely for a full album, but who knows.


Cody: Right now, we are writing and recording new material. We plan to release a few tracks, maybe even some covers this year. Expect anything and everything. We are definitely  going to be releasing some new music videos and be media focused. We don’t plan to take it easy. We are constantly writing and recording and always doing something. We are hoping for some touring in 2018.


How successful was the last album “The Great Amerakin Dream”?


The Human: The album has so far been a great example of how much hard work can pay off. It has definitely exceeded what we thought it would do.


Cody: The album reception has been amazing. People really got behind it, we all grew as musicians and as a band. Human proved how he’s light years ahead of where he was  years ago as a producer/engineer. We have heard nothing but positive feedback about the album. I listen to the first album and compare it to G.A.D. and it almost sounds like a different band. I mean the element of what makes AOD are there and you can tell it’s us, but GAD is just so much more evolved and structured. Upon release of the album, a lot of big rock/metal media got behind it and reviewed it and announced the release of the album. We even made the front page of Revolve Magazine on the website.

Can you tell us what according to you is the Great American Dream, how do you take this in this generation?


The Human: The Great American dream has always been success. Now, the path to success is muddied and distorted with the ease of self manipulation and gross interpersonal negligence that plagues modern society. The end goal has never changed. Success. Be it fame, money or power, it’s always been about being successful.


Cody: To me the great american dream is everything that we have been fed to believe is “success” and “the dream” and the strife and sacrifices you will go through to get there, only to find it’s not what you thought it would be. I think you find what you really value along the way. So in the journey, you will open your eyes and see what is most important to you, and everyone has a different idea of what “the great american dream” really is.


You guys are with an attitude and always say that there is more to see in the band, right now you have covered only the states, Is there a plan for an International exposure?


The Human: I’m personally very excited for international shows. I’ve been pushing for it heavily but the right situation has to come up.


Cody: Exactly, we need to make sure that when we cross over seas we are traveling with a known act that can pull crowds. Since its our first time out there, we need the exposure and need to make sure it’s worth traveling the distance. I am beyond excited because we have made so many fans over seas by social media. Our first album sale for the first album was actually in Germany. It blows my mind that there is people who are fans of what we do in places we have never been to. Traveling to other countries is definitely in our goals and will happen.


Thanks for your time, do you have a message for the readers of our  magazine and your fans Worldwide?


The Human: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the opinions of some random dudes in makeup. If you buy our album our old bassist will give you a blowjob.


Cody: Smoke dope, have unprotected sex, build an army and take over the world! haha, no but really, thank you all who took the time to read this, HUGE thanks to all of our friends, family, fiends, supporters, however you want to identify yourself. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be half the band we are today. Thank you!!!

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine.