Bloody Sadism Interview

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Pooyan Ahmadi, how are you today?

Hail from Bloody Sadism. I’m fine… I appreciate it.

Can you tell me about Bloody Sadism and how it was formed?

 Bloody Sadism Founded in 2014 by Pooyan Ahmadi and it’s a one man band from Tehran, Iran. I started the project by writing some riffs and lyrics and I changed them for many times. Everything is by me (Pooyan Ahmadi) and the main influencers are Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel.

The philosophy of the band is about the worst thing that a human able to do (like torture, murdering, gore and depression) and the topics that I’m against them (like Feminism and many other issues)

You are a multi instrumentalist and a one man band, yet brutal, how did it all happen?

I started playing classical guitar in 2008. A few years later, I started playing Electric guitar and bass together and then I started vocals. During these years I’ve collaborated with many bands in different genres.

I was looking for a specific way to use as a form (way or whatever you call it) to say what I want so I found violent music like Death Metal and Grindcore and the subgenres. I dare say I’m trying to do my best.

In 2019 you released your first debut, tell me about the songwriting and production behind this?

In 2014, when I began my bachelor curriculum at university, I started the band and I composed some riffs little by little and after a few years I started to sing. I should also say that I changed the riffs many times to find something particular. Anyway, after the changes, I proceed recording in 2018 and in 2019 debut album released via Base Record Production.

During these years I was trying to find my own style and compose my own music. I tried to be myself not to be a copy of the other bands. I’m not a person who obey to someone’s tune or order. I do my characteristic method.

Your Lyrical theme are Sexual Sadism, Gore, Blood, Drugs and Violence, why did you chose these themes, is there a particular reason behind it?

I’ve seen my things that those’ve been so ridiculous, sad and rough. Therefore, I tried to sing against them and tell the people my opinion about different subjects.

For example I lost one of my friends due to drugs so I compose about it by my own way.

The other reason is that I like to clear my mind by listening, reading and so on…

Rough music is one of the ways that I’ve use during these years. I guess that some other people who have feeling like violence, can use these kinds of solutions and try be calm and easy and try not to hurt the other people. You know, human can do many pitilessly things. If you can’t control yourself, there’ll be many disasters.

What are your plans for the future, do you plan to form a band?

Yes of course. I have many plans but with all due respects, I can’t tell anybody about them. I like to have my privacy. Maybe I’m not an optimistic person and there’s something wrong with me… haha…

Most of the Islamic nation prohibits Metal in their country, how is it for you in Iran?

Forget about that… next question please.

How is the current metal situation in Iran, do you get enough support?

Absolutely awful. Because bands like me are underground and we can’t sell our stuff officially so there is no rule for copyright and earning is almost impossible.

In this situation that I can’t play live in my own country and I can’t make money of music directly, the main problem is money. You have money? You can keep everything alive.

It’s a demanding job to be an artist in Iran but I like to fight for my dreams.

Life is something pointless but I think it’s worth fighting for.

You are currently working with Base Records Production in Spain, how did they find you, what are the opportunities that are put in front of you?

I was looking for a label and I had other offers and contracts from various companies but I chose BRP because their contracts was better than the others in my opinion.

What would you like to tell to your fans and new fans around the world?

Thanks for your worldwide supports and it is my pleasure that you’ve like my songs. 

Thanks for your time Pooyan, it’s a pleasure to have this interview with you. Cheers!

Thankful. It was my pleasure. Wish you the best. Cheers!