Deplore Interview

Deplore Interview

By Steven Smith

Q: Tell us little about the band beginning. How did the band started? What is the story in how you formed the band?


We are Modern metal band from Kathmandu,Nepal formed in 2017. Core Tamrakar,drummer of Slam band ‘Fools Of Paradise’  started a new band after disbanding of ‘Fools Of Paradise’. Deplore’s line up consist of Kriti shrestha on vocals,Ayush tuladhar on bass, and Core tamrakar on synth and guitar.First Deplore was formed for an online competition SMG oldies but baddies,though we did not make it through we were still on but hadn’t planned anything about the band,but after some period of time the band got serious when Core tamrakar planned to release an EP for the band,since then the band got serious on making music.


Q: What elements would you say you try to piece together to create the music that you are sending out to the masses?


The music that we make shows the emotion on mental pressure,betray and hate. We take these element to write our music.We are trying to express the inner anger through our song. Since its hard to express the feeling of depressed and angry mind, we tried to express how would a depressed and angry mind would feel.



Q: On your Official YouTube, you have three tracks that listeners can tune in to. “Despite”, “Deplore”, and “Elixir” are both amazing tracks. Which one of these tracks really speaks about the nature of the band?


The self title track “Deplore” speaks about what acutally our band wants every one to hear, since it was the first song of the band and the song have strong feeling toward the band.


Q: With the recordings of your material, do you feel there is a challenge to get the sound you desire to be captured on a track?



It’s an challenge to get the sound that we desire, we use lots of sample and it’s hard to find or make the sample that will suit the band. Programming drums and getting the right guitar tone its an huge challenge, as we recorded all of our song at our home studio.The whole EP was produced mixed and mastered by Core Tamrakar, we really try hard to work at our songs to give the best output.


Q: You being a progressive metal band with intricated and precise skill, what keeps you motivated to continue to play?


We keep playing because of our self desire and for our self satisfaction, we really love to bring out the

emotions through our music which we cannot express in other form. We motivate each other in the band for making more music and its like a family, we keep motivating each other.

MHF Magazine/Steven Smith