“DYING FETUS” by Fdez Ferdinand & David Maloney

Dying Fetus was formed in 1991, in Maryland. The band is considered as one of the most infamous and influential death metal bands of the past 10 years and any band that cites death metal mentions Dying Fetus as one of their primary influences. This time in Metalheads Forever Magazine, we have the opportunity to talk with DYING FETUS about their new upcoming album “WRONG ONE TO FUCK WITH” and plans for the second half of 2017 heading towards 2018.

It’s a pleasure and I personally thank you for your time with Metalheads Forever Magazine and thanks for letting me have this interview with you guys. How are you and how are things in the world of Dying Fetus?

The band is eager to bring wrong one the fuck with to the world.  We are ready to play these new songs for new and old fans alike.

So far 2017 has been one hell of an experience for the fans with your new album dropping today and a tour kicking off July 27th in Reading PA and runs through to August 26th in Cleveland OH. How do you prepare for such a large tour? What gets you amped up and ready to melt faces?

Practicing makes you ready.  It’s like a job for us, so we approach playing like a job.  If you prepare you will be confident in your show. Meeting fans and seeing friends gets us excited.  

What are some of the craziest and coolest things you have experienced at a show so far in 2017 or anything come to mind prior to 2017? Fans wanna know the full Dying Fetus experience of all kinds of aspects.

We toured with hatebreed earlier this year, that was cool. We have had a fan make us action figures. A fan requested to have his ashes spread over the pit and stage.  In Argentina the crowd sang louder than the PA.  Those are a few cool moments

It’s been  5 years since your last album‘’Reign Supreme’’, and the line-up have remained, do you think this is the strongest line-up since the early days? Will the fans feel the unity and tightness of this line up? Do you feel you have matured as a band over the years and as individual?

We believe that a consistent lineup gives the fans confidence in the band and I can say that I have grown as a person during my time in the band. This lineup is a cohesive unit that wants to achieve the same goals.

How do you see the current panorama of Death Metal?

This is a great year for death metal.  So many solid bands releasing albums.  Good times ahead.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the growing underground scene? Everybody knows that it is difficult for many bands to get out there now to become “KNOWN” even with the internet some can argue it’s a good thing where bands have more control over their material, whereas others feel it saturates the band market. What are your thoughts?.

At a certain point if you want to grow and be more dominant you must reach out to the fringes of the underground. While we have grown we haven’t forgotten what we are.  Dying fetus is and will remain a underground band. This music is not for “them” it’s for us the true underground fan.  Now if this style gets more acceptable than the world has changed a lot. And if that happens it won’t be because of selling out.

We knew this album was coming but what can fans expect to find on this effort? Are you already preparing for the next album? Is Dying Fetus a band that is always thinking and writing for that next album? Expectations of fans are always high , do you set high standards for yourselves as well?

Dying fetus tries to write an album that we would like.  If the fans dig it than that’s awesome. We do try to write something memorable every time we put a album together. The fans can expect that we put together the best album we could create. We have taken our sound and distilled it down to the purest form.  Blasts, sweeps, and slam!

How has the writing and production process been for this new album? Do you enjoy this process the writing, the mixing, the mastering and then of course the touring. Which do you enjoy more?

It was obviously a long process.  I did the preproduction this time so learning how to get that done was a labor. I do like playing live the best.  But hearing it all come together is neat also.

Does this new album have any musical influences? Any musical personality in particular?

No. It’s a dying fetus album.  The personality is intense aggression but that is the same album after album and  it has that groove you need.

Do you feel that the new upcoming album will be your best production so far compared to your previous releases?

Yes the production is our best yet in my opinion.

Do you have any plans to tour Europe, any summer festivals planned?

Yes. We have a fall Europe tour on the books with Psycroptic, Beyond Creation, and Disentombed.  No summer festivals in europe this year.  

In closing It was a pleasure and an honour to have this conversation, We really appreciate your time for collaborating with Metalheads Forever Magazine. That being said, any lasts words you want to share with us for the fans and the entire metal community?

Thanks for the support. Without the fans this would not be possible.

Fdez Ferdinand | David Maloney / MHF Magazine