Mӕre – a malicious folk entity that creeps up on sleeping people’s chests during the night and instils breathlessness and anxiety. It is this state of diffused terror and paralysis that has been enshrined in HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY’s music ever since their 2012 debut album. January 2021 will see more tales from their feverish dreams ready to break out into the light of day.

I had a chat with them to figure out an escape plan from the nightMӕre. In the end it’s Us Against December Skies, after all…

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Once Upon a Winter a deadly curse fell upon us and locked all creatures in the holes that we call our homes. How did these state of affairs affect your music?

Time will show, as Maere was already completed when all this shit happened. We finished mixing just shortly before the first lockdown. From then on everything slowed down, otherwise, the album would have been released earlier already. By now Austria is in its third hard lockdown, means no concerts, no rehearsals, nothing. The general state this puts one in will surely reflect on future songs that have been written in this period of time lets just hope with the vaccination things can slowly go back to normal.

Time is a Ghost but it teaches, heals and lets us grow. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far in your career as a musician?

Well there are many things, being persistent regarding the things youre passionate about is one of those. Being stuck with the same few people for weeks on tourbusses and so on teaches you a certain level of understanding and consideration towards the persons youre constantly surrounded by, that wouldnt work if everyone just looks out for themselves. Most important though is to always be aware why you put all the work and time into the band, which is the love for music…as soon as it becomes a necessary evil and you just try to keep it goin somehow…then i think theres not much point to it anymore.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Your Placebo Cover. How did that come up? Whose idea was it?

We both always bring songs we like to the table and the idea we think works best is the one we use in the end. I’ve been a Placebo fan since years and this song, in particular, holds meaning to JJ as well. We found the lyrics and melodies to be fitting and tried to interpret it in our sound.

Do you think Brian Molko will secretly envy the metal cover of his own song?

Envy for sure not, I think they did the song exactly as they wanted it to be and it is fantastic that way. Not that I’m not curious what he would think about it, maybe hed think we butchered his creation, maybe he would like our take on it, who knows.

If you push play and listen to the entire album, beginning to end, what kind of feelings do you get?

That we said what we had to say with it. Its a cross-section of our lives and impressions over the last 2 years more or less. It is always a relief when an album is finished and turned out in a way that we can be happy with. Listening through it certain parts remind you of situations and emotional states you were going through during the writing process and make you kind of relive it, so listening to an own album from beginning to start is always a bit like going through a photo album or diary…that is something that works even better after some time has passed.

HFTS I feel you. Trauma, Delirium and Loss. How do we escape the nightMӕre?

Good question, got an answer? Would be much obliged. I guess there will always be shit situations in a persons life, and everyone has to find their own way to deal with it. Getting some things off your chest by processing it through music and lyrics is one way for us.

You release new music every two years. Was that coincidental?

Its nothing we do on purpose happens that this is about the time we apparently need to gather enough ideas for a new album and record it. Would have been the same again with this album if the pandemic had not interfered.

Your fans are so dedicated that they actually get HFTS tattoos. How do you keep connected with your audience especially now during those strange times?

We are indeed flattered by the dedication of our fans and especially in situations like this one it gives strength to stay focussed. When there are shows it is easier to stay connected and have conversations with the fans but the internet makes it possible to uphold that to a certain extent.

January 2021 will see more tales from your feverish dreams ready to break out into the light of day. Talk us through this inescapable maelstrom of shattering screams and sudden acoustic guitar interludes.

Let’s see what the year has to offer, it’s hard to predict. I hope it will be possible to get back on stage and catch up on all the shows we were forced to cancel in 2020. Can’t wait to finally play the U.S. Tour that was planned for last year.

Until we meet again,


Band/Artist: Harakiri For The Sky
Place of Origin: Salzburg, Austria
Album Title: Mӕre
Album Release Date: January 29, 2021
Record Label: AOP Records
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
For Fans Of:  Alcest, Wolves In The Throne Room, Deafheaven, Agalloch
Social Links:

Listen to the band’s previous albums on Spotify:
 “Arson” (2018)
 “III: Trauma” (2016)
 Aokigahara (2014)
 Harakiri For The Sky (2012)
 M.S. – guitar, bass, songwriting
 J.J. – vocals, lyrics