FAKE HEROES formed in 2012 with a great idea from Guitarist and composer Gianni Draft Djentleman Vespasiani. The initial sound of the band was mainly Heavy Rock/ Nu Metal inspired by some great american bands. Fake Heroes released their first EP Beyond this Glassî in April of 2012. Where did you play your first show? And how was the experience? What was it like to play in your first festival?

Our first gig as Fake Heroes was in 2012 in a small local festival called “Do It Yourself Festival.” our band was brand new and that concert was very important to start taking a direction, what today has brought us this far.

Shortly after the release of your EP you were noticed by Red Cat Promotions, how did this come to pass? and why did they not release your first album Divide And Rule? Instead Antstreet Records in Berlin eventually released your album in March 23rd 2013. What circumstances and events led to this decision and how did it effect the band moving forward?

Actually the Red Cat Promotion contacted us to care only of our promotion and allowed us to get in contact with Antstreet Records with which we released our first album “Divide and Rule”. In general the experience of the first album was positive, but we realized that our first product was still very immature to collect the right interest of the listeners.

Throughout the same year you performed live with some great artist on the scene such as Cristina Scabbia, Movida and Cyborgs. This is some impressive talent indeed, How was it to share the stage with such talent? Did you get the feeling that Fake Heroes have reached a promising level of success?

Share the stage with these great artists was fantastic. We learned a lot, especially since we faced it all with humility. We never thought to get to success, we had the opportunity to share our music with many new people.

Congratulations on signing with Alpha Omega Management, what are your current plans in terms of a new album and a new tour? Where can your fans worldwide find you at the moment?

Currently we’ve only one gig scheduled for the beginning of 2017. The situation is not easy for small bands like us. We try not to make too many plans for the future but live day by day. We’re working on our third album and we hope to get in out within a year. All who want to hear our music can do it for free on Spotify, Deezer and Bandcamp. We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course YouTube.

In closing can you tell us a little more about the band and do you have any final words for your fans and readers of Metalheads forever Magazine?

We ask all readers to listen to our last album “Clouds” and let us know what you think via Facebook, YouTube or wherever you like. If you like share it with other people who can appreciate it.

Thanks so much for joining us and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors, MHF.

Thanks a lot David. See you soon…

David Maloney / Metalheads Forever Magazine