Fueled By Fear Interview

Fueled By Fear Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?

I`m fine thanks, how are you?

Can you tell us how Fueled By Fear was formed?

Actually very simple.

I called four peoples I wanted to play music with. Couples a days later we meet in a bar. Next step was that we hit the rehearsal.

Although the band was started in 2011, It has multiple names Bloodbound, Blood Will Bound and Fueled In Fear, Is there a reason behind the change in name over the years?

We realized to late that a band named Blood Bound already exists. Even we search the Internet. We played some shows included a tour with Sepultura till we realized that there was another band. Some tried to keep the name somehow, Blood will Bound. In this time we where in the middle of the recording session for Two by eight and we decided to take a new name. Cause nobody was happy with old one.

You released your EP Last month “This Forsaken Place” how is the overall reception of the album?

We had already really good reviews and feedback from peoples. The music itself changed a little bit. Its faster its heavier some peoples said its more in the trash. We`re fine with that. Its music from our hearts. Thats important for us.

What are the next plans for the band this year?

We recorded our first Music clip in the beginning of march. That will be released middle of April. Shows are coming up. And we gonna hit the road with a amazing band.

We had an Interview back in 2017 after you put up Two By Eight, how things have been in the last one year?

We had a great year, played a lot of shows in Europe. Our former drummer left the band, cause he’s travling the world. So we have a new member; Phil, we know him from our past. Hell of a guy and a amazing drummer for sure. With him we reached a new level. And its just great to have him around.

Are there any upcoming tour that you would like to share with us?

Its not official yet, but yes a the end of April we`re off for some shows in a amazing country. With a band that we`re fans of. We really looking forward to it.


How do Fueled By Fear Look into the future of Metal?

Playing music, doing shows, touring. Meeting great peoples, seeing great places and enjoing our selfs. Thats the plan.

Do you have a message for the readers of the magazine and fans?

Keep it real, support metal, means music in general. Take care of yourself and yours! Hopefully we see you soon somewhere.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement