Guitar Heroes : An Interview With Phoenix Van Der Weyden

Hi Phoenix, how are you my friend, it’s been some time?

Hello there , it´s been a while indeed but it´s surely great to be talking to you again .

Last year you put up your second album “Eyes On The Prize” can you tell me about the album a bit?

“Eyes on the Prize “ is a very personal and conceptual project , I wrote the entire album during quarantine , recorded the drums synths and arrangements and was fortunate to have 2 great guest guitar players on this release , Harry Hmura  , the guitar player from the video game Halo : Reach soundtrack and Kai Stringer from the German band Mentalist .

What was the concept that was put up on this album?

I actually try to pay a little tribute to everything that was special to me during my teenage years , the books , the movies , everything that bring a closure to my practicing routine . In a way , I wanted it to be similar to what Jason Becker did on the Raspberry Jams , something with no rules but at the same time a nod to what was special to him .

I named it “ Eyes on the Prize “ because i saw the quarantine days and everything that is happening in the world as a transition time , so i used the time that was given to me to make music , to achieve a new step with my music … “ Eyes On The Prize “ .

Defying Destiny your first solo album was a big thing, how was the reception for Eyes on the price?

I believe that “ Eyes On The Prize “ was a bit more mature and it´s having a very good response  which I’m very grateful for . I couldn´t believe Shredguy had to print a second batch of the hard copies , I am still pinching myself haha .

You picked up guitar when you were only 12, and hours of practice each day has brought you here, how do you look back and how do you feel now?

I look back and feel happy that all the struggle and support from my parents are leading me to a good path , I will always look fondly to the struggling years , they will help me to overcome any new challenges .

Eddie has been a big idol when you started playing guitar, we recently lost this amazing man of talents, how has this impacted you?

He was someone that seems to be larger than life for me , such talent , such charisma and in a way he still is . His music  and influence breaks the barriers of life and death and his work will always be remembered here .

I mourned his passing and i will always miss him ,he was my biggest guitar influence and  I’m grateful to have lived in the same timeline as him .

You are endorsed by Kramer Guitars, how do you feel about it, how does it feel to have a name in the guitar world?

When i look back to my beginner years i would never have believed back then that i would  be endorsed by the same company that endorsed EVH on the 80s .

You have been represented by VegaTrem at NAMM this year, how do you feel?

It was such a special moment for me , it was my first Namm presentation , it was a very good initiative from the company , the music can´t be stopped . They´re really great to work with and i´m fascinated by their innovative trem system .

 What would be the next plans for you?

Write more music , I’m already working on ideas for my third album . Join some new music projects , going through different styles , from metal to bluesy hard rock .

You also give guitar classes to novices, how can someone reach you?

They can reach me on the facebook page of my online school “ Phoenix Guitar Academy “ .

How has the journey been so far for you?

All the hardships , the practicing days , the great people i met along the way , the lessons i learned , it´s surely been a great journey and i embrace the new steps of it .

Any message for the fans?

I want to thank each and all of my fans for all the support through the years , specially now during those hard times we´re living , they buy my album and products , i really appreciate the caring . I wouldn´t be on this journey if it wasn´t for their support , they give me motivation to keep going .