Hogan’s Goat

Hogan’s Goat

Interview by Keith Clement

Hogan’s Goat is a hard rock band formed in Nashville, Tennessee. The roots of music ranges from Southern rock to grunge and goes much deeper into progressive metal with lots of melodies and makes the listener gets into them.

We had the opportunity to had a Skype Video Interview with the founders of the band John Salmon and Wayne Mitchel. Let’s hear from the boys.

The Band:

Wayne Mitchel – Drums

Donavan Bettise – Guitars

Thomas Banks – Guitars

Aaron Stoner – Bass

John Salmon – Vocals


Hi John & Wayne, How are you guys doing today?

Heya Keith doing awesome, back from work and relaxing a bit, how are you?

Doing well, thanks guys.


Everyone’s question is how did you get the name Hogan’s Goat, It’s a Scottish Folklore?

It was Donavan who talked about this goat and how it was referenced by his dad. It represents a lot about us as we don’t fit into anything, So we decided to go with the name.


Does any one of you have a Scottish Ancestry?

No, not that I can think of, but I do have a Irish Ancestry.


Your music is unique, It’s hard to put Hogan’s goat into any particular genre, who are you inspiration?

We get Inspiration from all over, Guns N Roses, Stevie Wonder to Mastodon, that’s what makes us harder to genre us.

How do you feel about the outcome of you debut, what are the fans reaction towards this?

We are really happy about our music, We are satisfied towards what we have done, We get lot of positive response from social media but the fact is we don’t know if it is real or robotic. ha ha  ha


How do you look into the future of Hogan’s Goat?

Tour a lot and enjoy the greatness. And write more songs and make albums.


Thanks for your time guys, do you have a message for the readers?

Buy our music and go Hogan’s Goat.

Thanks Keith for Interviewing us, By the way where are you from?

John, I’m from India.

Wow that’s awesome the weather should be amazing, we are fuckin’ frozen here…ha ha ha

Thanks man, see you soon.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement