How to get your hands dirty in the music industry | Featuring ELETE

Elete, show us how it’s done.

Methodology: How do you prioritize your music projects?

Honestly, what is prioritized is based on what’s going on. If we’re doing an upcoming show we prioritize designing the feel of our set and then rehearsing it. Writing is not prioritized. Instead, jumping around from project to project keeps things from going stale and stimulates new ideas when coming back to a project with a fresh outlook.

WorkSpace: Give us your top tips to stay organised.

ALWAYS clean up after yourself. Don’t leave messes for your bandmates, don’t be a dick. The layout in our spaces has changed multiple times, but we have managed to develop our own ways of organizing. Our rehearsal space is laid out very similar to on stage, in both gear setup and space format so that we can be as “in our element” as possible and allow that performance to translate to a different environment.  Our studio is very compact and all-digital, always getting more streamlined. It is stationary but can be moved in a car if necessary. It’s kept very physically simple and very digitally complicated. Speaking of that, an organization is key in the digital workspace, name your files well, put them somewhere you can find them even if you’ve forgotten, have organized folders that can lead you to what you’re looking for.

Goals: How do you set clear and measurable expectations?

Firstly, be verbal. Communicate! Also, every band should have a leader who has everyone work… in concert… in harmony… all the euphemisms are musical aren’t they. Decide what expectations are necessary, like, you can’t do anything musically if you don’t rehearse, the expectation of rehearsal is necessary. Expecting members to buy gear is necessary. Expecting everyone to participate in the new song process or any change of performance is necessary. Decide what expectations are reasonable… yes, we want good but people are going to flub a chord once in a while, the expectation of perfection is not reasonable. Let’s say you’ve got your first national show and you’re HYPED. There aren’t going to be 3000 people there, you’re not going to get signed and blow up overnight, have reasonable expectations for yourself, your mates, your career. The best reasonable expectation to have is to expect yourself to work for what you want, whatever that goal is, whether it is playing to 3000 people or it’s opening for this or that band or it’s putting out a full-length record. Remember, necessary, but reasonable.

Blood Sweat & Tears: Is that the only way to get something substantially meaningful?

Yes. The absolute best creations of mankind all came with a piece of the creator’s SOUL. That’s the thing that makes it special, the love that went into it!

Work Ethics: What is your set of values?

Accountability: if you try to duck it, it will come back to haunt you. Why is that concept so unclear in the music industry?

It’s not the music industry. It’s society as a whole. Even the man in the highest office in the land won’t take accountability for his actions and that is the example being set to the world. We have gone down a self-indulgent path of consumption and thoughtlessness and we don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to grow or learn or change. All of those things are 1. a lot of work and 2. involve absolutely no instant gratification. It’s far easier to deny your mistakes, blame everyone else, and keep a mental construct of yourself that is just a great person that everyone else fails to see. It’s laziness and willful ignorance and it’s got to go! Each human must own their shit!

Persistence: We all have bad days. How do you push yourself through the grind when you lack motivation?


Last Words: If you were to write a Band’s Guide to Business Fundamentals what would be the most important tip you’d share?

Go back to school and be a doctor or something…  Seriously, though: MERCH MERCH MERCH MERCH

ELETE Future: Tell us about the new video and the single! We’re excited to hear all about it!

It’s a for a track called Working Class Republic, the single will have 3 tracks, the video will be released on YouTube, date pending.

It’s a song about the labour force of America taking back the power, one of our heavier numbers.

Find them and change your world here.

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