I formed the band of my dreams – Interview with Loch Vostok

From left to right: Niklas Kupper (Guitars) Teddy Möller (Guitars) Jonas Radehorn (Vocals) STANDING Patrik Janson (Bass) Lawrence Dinamarca (Drums)
From left to right: Niklas Kupper (Guitars) Teddy Möller (Guitars) Jonas Radehorn (Vocals) STANDING Patrik Janson (Bass) Lawrence Dinamarca (Drums)

Loch Vostok is the Russian name for Lake Vostok. This is the largest of the known (so far) 370 subglacial lakes under the Antarctic ice sheet (source: Wikipedia). It was named after the Russian research station above it. And a Swedish Progressive Metal band named itself after this lake. Loch Vostok were founded in 2000 in the university town of Uppsala.The only remaining founding members are guitarist and singer Teddy Möller and also guitarist Niklas Kupper.  I could see the band live at the Metal over Malta Festival 2017. The band has released eight studio albums so far. Most recently “Opus Ferox – The Great Escape”. On this album there was a novelty to report. Founder, guitarist and singer Teddy Möller will concentrate on playing guitar in the future, while Jonas Radehorn could be won as the new singer. Band founder Teddy Möller answered my curious questions.

MHF: Hi, I’m Rainer and I write for the Metalheads Forever Magazine. Thank you for letting me do this interview with you. How are you?

LV: Hey Rainer! No, thank you! I’m doing good thanks. Busy days!

MHF: You have been around for more than twenty years now. How did it come about that you were founded in 2000?

LV: I was in a band that had run its course and wanted to form something where all genres were allowed to take form. A “fuck the rules” kind of band. I was always inspired by anything from King Crimson via King Diamond to Dream Theater and Napalm Death and was so tired of rules of composition.

MHF: The band was named after the lake Loch Vostok deep under the Antarctic ice. Why did you choose this name?

LV: I saw a documentary about a Russian science team drilling into the Lake Vostok, and of course the tin foil hats were discussing if there were UFOs down there. I found it amusingly stupid so I took it and changed Lake to Loch.

MHF: During this time, you had to cope with various line-up changes. How did you manage to stay active for such a long time?

LV: Well, I formed the band of my dreams and it’s my baby. The line up changes never happened because of fights or something, people get tired of the struggle, but I’m a stubborn sonofabitch and I don’t give up. I’m still good friends with all of them.

MHF: Please briefly describe your musical orientation.

LV: I’ll describe it with some royalties first.
Kings X. King Crimson. King Diamond. Queensryche. Queen. Prince.
Then I’ll fill up with a few more, sticking to the letter V or I’ll go on for hours, hahaha!
Vola. Voivod. Vomitory. Voyager. Vektor.

From left to right: Teddy Möller (Guitars) Niklas Kupper (Guitars) Jonas Radehorn (Vocals) Lawrence Dinamarca (Drums) Patrik Janson (Bass)

MHF: You have been releasing new albums at regular intervals. How does the sound from the early years differ from the sound in 2021?

LV: I don’t know. Not that much. It’s still all over the place, but more polished. Maybe “Opus Ferox” is a bit more focused.

MHF: How do you go about writing new songs? Do you have a main songwriter or do all band members contribute their ideas and musical preferences?

LV: I write all of the stuff, but I encourage the others to write as well. Jonas wrote some lyrics on Opus Ferox and a lot of his melodies.

I always make full production demos and send them to the other dudes and tell them “view this as the template but do whatever changes that enhances the song”.

MHF: In June you have released your eighth studio album “Opus Ferox – The Great Escape”. Are you satisfied with the result?

LV: Oh yes. Happier than in years. It’s well recieved and I think Jonas and Patrik feels very welcomed, because they’re not only great additions, they’re imperative for Loch Vostoks future.

MHF: What were the reactions of the press and fans?

LV: I’d say on average, 8/10. From both. Thank dawg!

MHF: As I wrote at the beginning, you have a new singer on this album. Why did Teddy Möller leave his place at the microphone?

LV: I was bored of singing. I did not feel like doing it anymore, at all. It was always difficult to play this kind of music on guitar and singing at the same time. I had known Jonas for 15-20 years and we always talked about doing something together. I asked him to join Loch Vostok and he said OK. It was that easy.

MHF: The album was released during the Corona Pandemic. How did this influence the recording process?

LV: Not at all. We recorded it in our own studios and we’re all capable studio guys.

MHF: I saw you live a few years ago and was thrilled. How important are concerts and contact with your fans to you?

LV: Oh, very important. To be able to travel the world and play music is the greatest drug ever to meet up with metal fans, play live, have a bunch of beers and laugh like it’s the last day on earth? Are you kidding me? It’s like crack without narcotics! Hahaha!

MHF: What are your plans for the future? Is there already a follow-up album in the pipeline? Will you go on tour when the pandemic is over?

LV: There will most definitely be a follow up. The writing process never stops. And yes, we’re touring Europe with Orphaned Land in March 2022.

MHF: Thank you again for this interview. Would you like to say something to your fans at the end?

LV: Expect the unexpected and fuck the rules! Break them! Thanks, hugs and keep on being awesome!

From left to right: Patrik Janson (Bass) Niklas Kupper (Guitars) Teddy Möller (Guitars) Lawrence Dinamarca (Drums) Jonas Radehorn (Vocals)

Loch Vostok are:

Jonas Radehorn – Lead Vocals
Teddy Möller – Guitars, Vocals
Niklas Kupper – Guitars
Patrik Janson – Bass
Lawrence Dinamarca – Drums