I’m Not Completely Like Other People – An Interview With n0trixx

n0trixx is an accomplished rapper/producer who lives with split-personality disorder. After years of living a peaceful life, a new identity has emerged from the void and now a constant battle is being waged inside of her psyche.

A vicious creative nymph and a highly driven careerist live inside the host of n0trixx. To protect the privacy of her
other self, n0trixx strikes her face from all pictures and hides her features behind a twisted mask in videos.

The quintessence of her music is her own darkness and suffering. She uses heavy trap beats and visceral lyrics to exorcise the demons that inhabit her. Strength can be found in the darkest of places and her personality disorder gives her a unique insight when it comes to creativity. Her songs have many voices, which often leave the listener wondering which aspect of n0trixx is speaking to them.

n0trixx is a passionate mental health advocate and encourages her fans to speak out about their problems and seek help for the issues that they face. She has first-hand knowledge of how fragile the human psyche can be,
and she uses that knowledge to help others.

It was a great pleasure to have a nice chat with n0trixx to talk about her upcoming EP “Voices”, Check out the amazing chat with the awesome n0trixx on the below YouTube video.

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