In Vain Interview

In Vain

Interview by Keith Clement

The Progressive death metal band from Kristiansand, Norway mainly composed of Johnar Håland has composed 4 albums with the latest being “Currents” which was released earlier this year.

In Vain are:

Johnar Håland – Guitars and backing Vocals

Andreas Frigstad – Lead Vocals

Sindre Nedland – Vocals, Piano, Organ/Keyboards

Tobias Solbakk – Drums

Alexander Bøe – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Kjetil Pedersen – Guitars and Backing Vocals


Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Johnar, how are you today?

Hey Keith, going very well, how are you?

Doing great, always great when talking Metal with a member of a band on the rise and their new album.

Currents was released earlier this year, how do you feel about the outcome?

It was good we are very really happy with the outcome, we released it in two version, a 7 track and a 9 track record.

There was a long delay between 2013’s Enigma and this years, Currents, what has kept the band on hold?

In Vain always want to give quality albums for the fans, we don’t want to put an album each year just for the sake of making a album. We want to make the best possible music we can for each record for ourselves and for our fans alike. Music is a passion for us and a pleasure, something we don’t take for granted. We have our own professional jobs, so sitting down writing music and the whole recording process takes a lot of time but gives us such pleasure outside the realm of our daily lives.

Any plans of a tour this year in support of “Currents”

Yes, we will be doing some shows in Norway and then some festivals in Europe. We are very much looking forward to reaching our core fans and hopefully reaching a new audience as well.

So how is the support you received in your homeland? Norway is known for it’s Black Metal but is growing and very diverse in terms of the music landscape from traditional music to most metal and it’s sub-genres.

It is fantastic, Norway is a country of diversity and has given a lot, We get great support from our fans here. Has a band we can’t say enough thanks for the  support we receive as individuals and as a band.

Any plans to jump back into studio again soon or support the new album first than think about it?

Not until 2019, We will support our new album firstly, than take the organic process of writing and getting ideas from pen to paper and lets see, I hope there will not be a long  delay this time but will not push or rush for quality.

What are your music influences?

We get inspired by lots of things from soft music to extreme music and in addition to that we find inspiration by life in general, travels, movies nature and other subjects and events that occur from the news and daily living.

Does music piracy affect the band and the work you do?

Yes it really does, music isn’t expensive like it used to be, it has become lesser than the price for a beer,  yet certain individuals don’t wanted to buy it. It will be hard of us and other bands, Most bands put their own money into making each album and getting  it out there to the fans and rely on some of the capital to reinvest into the band and for touring. When fans choose to use the internet and download for free, it hurts the music industry as a whole.

You don’t tour much, is there any reason for this?

We can’t afford to do it, as we are not a full time band, as I mentioned we have our own personal life and full time jobs. If we were a full time band we would have released more albums and tour more but this is life but we hope to tour much more in the very near future.

Johnar, it was a pleasure talking to you today, do you have a message for the fans?

Thanks so much Metalheads Forever for this Interview and the support you give us. Keep supporting bands and good music.


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement