Interview With Alberto Rigoni

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Alberto Rigoni, it’s a pleasure to have you, how are you today?

Hello, pretty hot weather in Italy during these weeks… but I’m fine, really busy with many projects!

On April 2, 2021, you released your tenth album “For The Love Of Bass” can you tell me a bit about the production behind this album?

Well, on October 2020 we went back to lockdown in Italy, so I thought it was the right moment to create something new and I was quite inspired. All started from a bass riff and then I thought “this should be a bass only album”. Quite challenging… not easy to make songs that sound good with just bass… that’s why I also thought to invite special guests to make the overall sounds more unique and catchy for all kind all listeners.

The album features with guests like Adam Nitti, Cody Wright, David Pastorius, Doug Wimbish, Lars Lehmann, Leland Sklar, Michael Manring, Mohini Dey, Nathan East and Tony Franklin, wow such amazing talents and you brought them all together, How was it to have them all, and how it was working with them?

Yes, I’m indeed honoured to have them in this album. I never thought that bassists such Nathan East and Lee Sklar would have joined… but… they did! I just give to all the guest a few indications and they did exactly what I have in mind. Amazing!

You have been playing with bands like Bad As, remember interviewing the band 2 years back, awesome music, and you have also been part of other bands like The Italians, Lady and the Bass, Natural Born Machine and the being the co producer of the highly acclaimed Vivaldi Metal Project, how is it possible for you to be everywhere, wow I’m totally amazed 😀 Can you tell me about your experience on these?

Very different genres… I’m eclectic! All the experiences have been amazing. Indeed that required a lot of efforts and time but I’m very proud of the results!!! Now I even have a new garage/rock band called “Les Motels”… let’s see what happens!

In 2017 you worked with Jeff Hughell of Six Feet Under, and created Bassists Alliance, can you tell me about it, and how it was like to work with Jeff?

At the beginning I have that idea to manage this project, but then I realized it was too complicated so I involved Jeff Hughell who I meet at Warwick camp some years ago. He is a super talented guy with great ideas. At then we made it! Not easy though… it required a lot of time and efforts to coordinate all the bassists. We are still very happy of the result. I cannot say if there will be a second album for this project… never say never!

You have shared stage with some of the legendary bands and musicians, how did you feel about those experiences?

Well, what can I say? Live shows are the top for a musician like me, I love the stage… and sharing it with big names has been a true honour… from Jorn Lande, Paul Gilbert, to the Alan Parsons project…. Still I can’t believe that!

You have collaborated as a demonstrator, Influencer and artist for quite big names in Music brands with likes of Fender, Cort, Jackson, Schecter Guitars, ESP, and many more, It’s not an easy thing, how do you feel about being part of the Branding?

Well, it’s not easy. The point is that I love using different bass… they all sound different!

Can you tell me about your collab with Hiro Furuya as session Bassist, what is this collab all about, you have planned for some release on this project?

I started the collaboration some months ago but for now we did only some recording sessions. Japan is in a hard situation because of covid, so the production for now is in stand-by. Anyway, he is a great producer and I’m really proud to collaborate with him.

Can you tell me how it all started for you , at what age you started your first bass lessons, and how do you feel to look into the past?

I started playing bass at the age of 16 years old after a friend of mine introduced me to Dream Theater. I was totally shocked by their music and I decided to play their songs. At the beginning I tried with drums but it was a total failure! Then I tried with bass and I felt at home and in a few months I was able to play many songs of DT. I worked really hard, practicing tons of hours per day. Playing Dream Theater has been a great school…. Years later I moved to original music…

What would be some of the greatest moments for you?

When I collaborated with artists such as Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater), Nathan East, Lee Sklar… I never thought that would have been happened!!!!

How do you feel to be the most successful bassist in the world right now?

Sorry but I’m not!!!! There are so many talented bassists, even kids that are incredible….

Finally do you have a message for the fans?

Yes… music business is hard than ever today… but don’t give up. Let’s keep making new music!!!!!! Thanks to who is and will support me! Ciao!