Interview With Alfredo Gargaro

second album by Italian guitarist Alfredo Gargaro, “The Breath Of Fire”. With extraordinary guests! 

Frank Marino – Franco Sgattoni – Kate Sale – Gianluca Mastrangelo Maracas – Andrea Ciccomartino.

The album contains 10 extraordinary tracks and all to listen carefully! The great Alfredo Gargaro, after the mega success of the previous VARIUS, back on the attack with this new work “The Breath of fire”. with a technique and tenacity that will surely please all guitarists and guitar lovers!


  1. The Breath Of Fire
  2. Second Choise
  3. Another Life
  4. Screaming Angel
  5. Funky Universe
  6. Neverending Game
  7. First Impact
  8. Devil Inside
  9. The Trap Of Your Smile
  10. Heart And Chills

Greetings From Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith The Editorial Head, how are you today?

Hi Keith , all good thanks…I thank you for inviting me and thank you Metalheads Forever Magazine for the opportunity to talk a bit about me and my latest musical works.

Your Second Album “The Breath of Fire” is out, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?

This is my second album “The Breath of Fire ” self-produced and  released on December 20, 2021 on Wanikiya record label. Record of my great friend “Salvatore Mr.Jack” is the product of years of experience in the musical and artistic field. Regarding the drafting and realization of the texts of the tracks I have not given instrumental  “carte blanche” to each of the 5 singers that I had the pleasure to host in this  host in this my second solo work. To each of them I have  simply asked to follow their nature and be transported by the melody I created.  melody created by me. As for the production, also for  this project as for “Various” published in 2016, I have  completely relied on the mastery of my friend and professional  Andrea Mattei who arranged, recorded and mixed all the tracks. Instead the mastering was entrusted by me to Pavel Dubrovsky ( Ukraine)  another great friend to whom I give a special greeting at this time  difficult time for their land and beyond. 

What is the concept of the album?

As for the first solo work ( Various 2016) also for The  Breath of Fire I tried to follow the same path … that is to combine  different musical genres with a Hard Rock spirit as I am… I can not express myself with only one genre with the guitar … each solo and  every riff are the result of genres that are congenial to me and that let me  express the Rock spirit that sets me apart.

The Cover art is quite fascinating, can you tell me a bit about the making of the art?

The Artwork made together with my friend Alessandro AlexIncubus  Pallotta was inspired by my passion for Viking culture and the tree that dominates the  and the tree that dominates the center of the album cover represents a slash of lava from the  represents a gash of lava from which the Celtic Runes come to life.  Hence also the name of the album and the first track.

You have brought quite some guests into this album, can you tell me how did it worked out and how did the collaboration worked out?

The 5 singers that I have had the pleasure of having in my project The Breath  of Fire are first and foremost great friends and professionals known in the Roman underground and not. Each of them has given a different  imprint to a specific song that I made in melody, with their own experience and  experience and characteristic vocal and timbre. Kate Sale (Hekátē) with the song NEVERENDING GAME has brought  freshness and an elegant and sparkling tone to the album. Gianluca  Mastrangelo with the song DEVIL INSIDE a touch vibrato and powerful  as his voice. Frank Marino with the song SECOND CHOICE pure  HARD ROCK . Franco Sgattoni with the song SCREAMING ANGEL  pure power metal. Master Andrea Ciccomartino with the song  HEART AND CHILLS pure class and experience. 

Your debut album “Varius” was a mega hit, how do you feel about the success?

Various has been an important springboard for launching more than mega  success as you define it … has given me the opportunity to know many artists  many artists of the Italian and foreign music scene and above all to establish with them  and above all to establish solid professional and friendship relationships with them.  But above all I have treasured the different opportunities for comparison between  guitarists of different origins and characteristics. 

What would be the touring plans, any scheduled or ongoing currently?

Unfortunately I still have to come to terms with the 2 years that have passed (like everyone else)  since the pandemic.  since the pandemic … it was not an easy period that has left several problems related to  problems related to closures and restrictions, both of the rooms and studios. rooms. But this will be the umpteenth proof of resistance and resilience… Music has paid too high a  price.  music has paid too high a price … now it is time to take back the space we deserve …  space we deserve … We are planning evenings of presentation of the album in several local  presentation of the album in different places both in Rome and outside …  We are defining the dates in these days and soon on the pages  social pages you can see …  

Can you tell me how it all started?

Simple…Since the publication of Various in 2016, a project to which I have  dedicated part of my life leaving it locked in a drawer for too long, I have  too long, I have continued to compose following instinct and  inspiration. For too long I have denied myself the opportunity to  to make myself heard and known in my own small way. Various has given  the input to start. The Breath of Fire is the exact continuation of that. 

Do you have other projects that you currently work?

In this moment I continue with my projects…but I also have the  I also want to work on other projects not mine … other artists, both albums  and singles … we will see a lot … Stay Tuned! 

When did you picked up your first guitar, and what made you choose it?

 If you were born like me in a small provincial town in the ’70s, 70’s defined “dormitory”. where you don’t have many prospects for the future if not  but to live on the street and be part of it with all its risks, you have to choose  on which side to stand since childhood … I do not know if by chance or luck I approached the  guitar.  I don’t know if it was by chance or luck that I approached the guitar…I only know that it all started  from there.

Do you do clinics or take students?

For now I’m dedicated to single lessons … fall more in my cords  and characteristics…but in the future who knows….

How does the future look for the band?

Continue to write and compose my own music and return to perform live  soon to perform live and have contact with the public and surround myself with  Surround myself with friends and professionals with whom to compare myself.

Finally What would be the message for the fans in Italy and around the world?

Unfortunately for us artists of the Underground scene is not easy to emerge and get  easy to emerge and be known and appreciated as it should be. In I owe a lot to the Wanikiya Record label of my friend “Salvatore  my friend “Salvatore Mr.Jack” who has always believed in me even before the birth and  before the birth and writing of The Breath of Fire. Never give up and always believe in your dreams! Especially when they tell you that  there is no place for you … it’s right there that the journey begins … thanks