Interview With Andrea Weiß Of Germany’s Rock Band “Andy Rocks”

Melodic, maybe a little vintage here and there, straightforward and a bit dirty, but all in all good old rock music – that could be a rough description of the music of Andy Rocks.

With their new rock formation, Black Daffodil’s singer Andrea Weiss follows in the footsteps of classical rock greats like Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow or the Foo Fighters, it sounds a bit American every now and then. The songs are easily accessible to the listener through their clear structures, catchy melodies and soulful guitar licks. Not digital – but handmade and timeless.

It was my pleasure to have the amazing Andrea Weiß on the Interview to talk about Andy Rocks, the music and much more. Check out the below Interview in YouTube video.

1. Digital Detox
2. Keep on Pretending
3. Look at what we’ve done
4. Time flies
5. Hot as hell
6. Regret
7. Glass of wine
8. Motorway
9. You are the enemy
10. Get me a drink

Music Videos

The Band

Andrea Weiß – Vocals
Markus Rubel – Drums
Stoney Dee – Guitar
Andreas Ellner – Bass, Guitar

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