Interview With Anguish Force

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, The Head, How are you today? 

Hi Keith, thank you for the interview. I’m OK. I am very motivated with all the things I have to do  with the band. 

The Weight Of The Future Was out on February 25th 2022, Can you tell me about the Songwriting  and production behind the album? 

The album was recorded in Two different recording studios. The mix was done by Tommaso Crisci  who also took care of other aspects of the band. We are very happy with the result. We also thank  Wanikyia Record and the fabolous Mr. Jackfor the big support they are giving us. The covert art Is a  super work of the legendary artist Luca Bonardi. 

Was there any particular concept behind the album? 

Once again we produced a concept album. This time we talked about the future and its possible  variants. But above all of space and the cosmos. All done with reflections related to today’s  society. The texts give the opportunity to reflect for a long time. 

How is touring in support of The Weight Of The Future? 

We presented the new record and it was a success. Sales are also doing well. For both CD and vinyl  formats. Unfortunately after the period of the pandemic everything started slowly but we still  participated in some Heavy Metal festivals. We now look forward with optimism. 

You are already in plans for the next album, Is it something you want to share with me today? 

The new album is ready. This time it will be more Thrash oriented rather than Power Metal. Of  course there will also be all the classic elements of “Anguish Force”. These days we are working on  the creation of the videoclips and we are having a lot of fun. Hopefully the record will come out  early next year. Stay tuned. 

As Anguish Force from 2003 and as Anguish from 1995, how has the journey been for you so far? 

A long journey in search of a life lived only for Heavy Metal. Personally I think I have succeeded.  Both as a musician and as a fan of this unique music. Metal is a lifestyle and for me there is no life  without Metal. Anguish Force is a every hungry creature. 

Would you like to share some of the biggest moments in the career of Anguish Force? 

Many fantastic moments and many unique experiences. Many concerts with great bands like  Sepultura, Rage, Primal Fear, Bonfire, L.A. Guns, Great White and many more and and many  friends to share all this with. I hope this journey is still very long. 

Do you feel that you have accomplished your dreams, or is there more to accomplish? 

I think the main thing to feel fulfilled is not achieving success at all costs. Success must be internal  and give satisfaction and self-respect. I did what I wanted with music. And I expressed myself with  my musical language and without compromises. I am really satisfied with that. Of course I would  love it if “Anguish Force” were more successful.

What would be your most favorite venue or country that you would want to go and play? 

Wherever they invite us it will be a wonderful place for us. North or South, East or West, the world  can be a wonderful place full of opportunities. Of course Asia and America attract us a lot despite  Europe still has a lot to offer us. We are ready. 

Finally, any message for the fans around the world? 

First of all I tell all the guys to keep listening to Heavy Metal. And the best way to do that is to  listen to “The weight of the future” by “Anguish Force”. I hope that one day we will also come to  play in your beautiful country. Metal Forever everyone !!!