Interview With Arjan Of Spain’s “Eternal Psycho”

ETERNAL PSYCHO is a band from Madrid (Spain) that is revolutionizing the music metal scene with its melodic industrial metal. Their first full-length “Your Demons Are Real” (2019) was received very well by critics and put the band into the spotlights. With its energetic and devastating live shows, EP reached the final of the “W:O:A METAL BATTLE SPAIN” of 2019. This spring, EP will release their follow-up record, continuing its endeavour to conquer the world!

They released their second Studio album “Trail Of Agony” through Suspiria Records earlier this year, a massive records which showcase the awesomeness of Eternal Psycho. It was a pleasure to have Arjan to talk about the release and much more.

Check out the interview on the below YouTube video.


  1. Crystallize
  2. Empty Of Promises
  3. Insomnia
  4. Faster Than Light
  5. Pestilence
  6. Fire Will Fire
  7. The Living Dead
  8. Religion

Music Videos

The Band

Lucky – Guitars/Vocals
Beka – Vocals
Jorge – Lead Guitars
Maximus – Bass
Arjan – Drums

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