Interview With Beau Brandon Of Withered

Metalheads Forever Magazine is proud to feature American Tortured Blackened death metal band Withered on the release of their new album “Verloren” on June 25, 2021. An amazing work on this album and the band is marking great things in the US and on the global metal scene.

It was my pleasure to talk to the drummer and amazing fella Beau Brandon, about the new album, plans, release work and much more, Check out the below YouTube for the complete coverage of the Interview.

Track Listing

  1. By Tooth In Tongue
  2. The Predation
  3. Dissolve
  4. Casting In Wait
  5. Passing Through
  6. The Long Hurt
  7. Verloren
  8. From Ashen Shores

Check Out The Video for “By Tooth In Tongue”

Beau Brandon – Drums
Dan Caycedo – Vocals, Guitars
Rafay Nabeel – Bass Guitar
Mike Thompson – Vocals, Guitar