Interview With Bill Hudson

Interview With Bill Hudson

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Bill, how are things out there?

BH: Good, thanks for asking. Enjoying some time at home for the first time in over a year!


The past week was a sad day in the passing of Ralph Santolla, He is like a brother to you, my condolences to you, would you like to share a few memories with Ralph to the fans?

BH: You know… “sharing memories of Ralph” is one thing I’ve had to do quite a bit in the past month or so. There’s so many… we’ve spent so much time together doing different things… I guess one that stands out is when in 2014 he drove with me and my parents from Tampa to Atlanta, so I could play the Jon Oliva’s Pain headlining set at ProgPower. We had a blast, and he was really funny and engaging with my parents, neither of whom spoke a word in English. But I could also highlight the time he spent 22 days at my place in California and we’d just sit around and play guitar and tell stupid jokes… it sucks man, I miss that dude.

In February, you announced  your new band, launching the name contest, receiving around 1500+ suggestions. You with the band members picked up your 10 favorite options, and the fans voted their favorite name to be NORTHTALE! Please tell us the plans for 2018 with the band.

BH: NORTHTALE is my main focus and where all my efforts are concentrated on right now. We’re almost done tracking our first EP and it should be released sometime in September, if things work out our way. We plan on doing some promo at some festivals this summer and start booking shows and deciding on which direction to go as far as record labels, etc. We’ve generated quite a bit of interest already from labels, managers and agents who are coming to us based on hype alone, which is crazy considering we have not released any music yet. So we have a few decisions to make after the EP is out.


Do you have any projects other that you are currently on?

BH: I tour actively with I AM MORBID, the band led by MORBID ANGEL’s former frontman, DAVID VINCENT as well as their drummer, TIM YEUNG. I am officially still “a part of the family” for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jon Oliva’s Pain and Circle II Circle, but those are seasonal things that can happen once in a while. I just recently left UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER’s band, in which I played 100 shows worldwide for his “Back To The Roots” tour, performing nothing but ACCEPT music.


How do you feel to work with Jon Oliva’s Trans Siberian Orchestra?

BH: A dream come true, as well as the best music education I’ve ever received in my life. Each and every time I get in a room with Jon Oliva I feel that I learned 3 years of formal music education.

You work on multiple projects, how do you make the time to do it all?


BH: That’s my full time job, I HAVE to make the time for it.


Recently you and U.D.O. / Dirkschneider  decided to part ways.  Anything you want to tell us about this?

BH: It was an amazing experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity Mr. Dirkschneider has given me, as well as the good friends I have made in Andrey, Sven, Fitty and the rest of the crew.


Being one of the most influential guitarist right now, how do you feel about work with some of the guitarists who influenced you?

BH: Thanks for “one of the most influential guitarists right now”. I sure don’t feel that way, but I’m glad I inspire some people… Anytime I work with an idol of mine is a mind blowing experience. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m able to sit in a room with Al Pitrelli and two guitars and just jam. It’s mind blowing stuff man…


What according to you is the best work you have done so far?

BH: See, that’s exactly the problem with my career so far. I haven’t released much original music at all. I am extremely proud of the WESTFIELD MASSACRE record which I did with Tommy Vext (BAD WOLVES, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH) and Tim Yeung (I AM MORBID, MORBID ANGEL, ALL THAT REMAINS) in 2014, but it wasn’t very honest or the music I wanted to play. I’d say my better work has been as a performer, and if I had to highlight ONE show, it would be the headlining WACKEN OPEN AIR appearance in 2015, in which I played guitar for SAVATAGE as a dual-stage show with the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA.


Do you have something to share with the fans and readers of the magazine?

BH: Please, check out NORTHTALE when it’s out. This is my baby and is what I feel I came here to do. Start by following us on instagram @northtaleofficial and on Shape Your Reality, always!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement