Interview With Bill Kole Of “Ol’ Time Moonshine”

Ol’ Time Moonshine was formed by Bill Kole and Chris Coleiro in 2009, the current line-up came together in 2019The band is musically informed by 70s hard rock, 80s metal and punk, the heavy alternative and stoner scene of the 90s, drawing influence from the likes of ORANGE GOBLIN, DANZIG and BLACK SABBATH. Lyrically the band are inspired by horror, sci-fi, history, science and the occult. OL’ TIME MOONSHINE received critical acclaim for their self-released debut EP, The Demon Haunted World (2013), which saw them invited to several U.S. stoner and doom festivals, and landed them a deal with Salt of The Earth Records for their follow up full-length, The Apocalypse Trilogies (2016). Their most recent album Magic debuted at #13 on the August 2022 Doom Charts and received great support from internet and college radio.

It was a pleasure to have Bill to talk on the new album “Magic” and much more, Check out the Interview on the below YouTube video.

Magic Track Listing:
1. Chrononaut
2. Dark Clouds of Gloom
3. Hexslinger
4. Higher Learning
5. Please, Please (featuring Angela Neatby of MUFFLER CRUNCH)
6. Sweet Black Angel
7. Transmissions
8. Where Giants Rest

The Band

Bill Kole – vocals and guitar
Chris Coleiro – guitar
Adam Saitti (ex-GYPSY GOLIATH) – drums
Jesse Mackowycz – bass and vocals

On Socials