Interview With Blothar Of The Legendary Metal Band “GWAR”

Mankind’s time upon Earth is tracked by “the Ages”: The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Age of Enlightenment. Each period of history separated by a key point in time, when the fate of the human race has hung in the balance, perched upon the very precipice of Doom. We stand now at another of these critical moments, the beginning of a New Dark Age! Ancient and unspeakable terrors again plague the Earth, forces that threaten to bring an End to the Age of Man, once and for all. This album tells the story of a timeless evil emerged from GWAR’s distant past to threaten mankind’s pathetic attempts at evolution, twisting and perverting the modern world and using technology to polarize mankind to the point that reality itself has split into two distinct universes, a…Duoverse, if you will (or even if you won’t)!

The New Dark Ages chronicles GWAR’s adventures in the Duoverse, where the band rediscovers old powers such as Blóthar’s terrifying Berserker Mode, and encounter new allies, such as the murderous maven known as The Cutter. Along the way, they battle the living monuments of a lost cause and armies of undead soldiers who Rise Again to fight a New Civil War. The New Dark Ages is a journey through the archetypes of the human imagination, as our anti-heroes live again horrific fairy tales such as that of the old Ratcatcher, the Pied Piperreminding us that the spirit of GWAR is as old as storytelling itself. Having unleashed destructive technology, humans pray The Beast Will Eat Itself, but it is down to GWAR to charge Unto the Breach in an epic battle between science and the supernatural.

It was my pleasure to have Blothar on the Interview to talk about New Dark Age and much more, Check out the amazing Blothar on the below Interview

The New Dark Ages Tracklisting:
1. New Dark Age
2. Blood Libel
3. Berserker Mode
4. Mother Fucking Liar
5. Unto the Breach
6. Completely Fucked
7. The Cutter
8. Rise Again
9. The Beast Will Eat Itself
10. The Venom of the Platypus
11. Ratcatcher
12. Bored to Death
13. Death Whistle Suite:
-Temple Ascent
-Starving Gods
-Deus Ex Monstrum

Release Date: June 3, 2022

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NAME: The Berserker Blóthar
HOME PLANET: The World of Mist
HEIGHT: Blóthar is around 6 ft tall in his human form, but becomes 15 feet tall when he goes berserk WEIGHT: Cannot be accurately measured

LIKES: Hunting Moon Moose, Ice fishing, reading the future in the entrails of his victims, killing, meditation DISLIKES: Most things

The Berserker Blothar is the OG Viking warrior from outer space. Before coming to Earth, Blothar was ​shanghaied ​into the Master’s army where he served alongside his fellow Scumdogs of the Universe as a sort of intergalactic army chaplain. Claiming a direct connection to the Ancient Gods, Blothar was well-known as a shamanic warrior and a corrupt self-appointed spiritual leader whose perverse scatalogical appetites were legendary even among the most debauched space pirates. On the battlefield, Blothar gained a reputation as a raving berserker. Hopped up on psychedelic drugs and black out drunk, he would transform into a monster of horrific strength and destroy everything in his path, friend or foe. This indiscriminate destruction, along with his insufferably smug piety, earned Blothar a one way ticket to the shittiest planet in the universe….Earth.

Blothar was among the small band of out-of-control Scumdogs banished to Earth, where they were charged with conquering the planet for the Master. Of course, once on Earth, the Scumdogs were immediately distracted from this mission by the lure of Earthly delights such as sex, drugs and rock & roll. Blothar, being a bit more serious minded than his fucked up Scumdog friends, was tempted away from the Master’s service by the lure of pure power. On Earth, he was a god…and he used this power to become the spiritual leader of great tribes of Neanderthals who he taught to sail the open seas, raping and sacking every settlement they encountered. Over time, Blothar attracted a legion of devout followers and became the leader of the greatest and most violent death cult in history. So great was his power and arrogance that he one day challenged the Master himself to a leg wrestling match. Furious at Blothar’s unmitigated gall, the Master agreed to the match and set a date and time for it. But it was a trap! When Blothar showed up, he was flash frozen into an iceberg and set adrift on the Norwegian Sea.

There he would remain until eons later, when he was licked out of his icy prison by a mysterious creature known as the Divine Cow who licked and licked until Blothar emerged from the iceberg.

Released from his prison, Blothar immediately set about rebuilding his death cult. He recruited a bloodthirsty band of warriors, and went on to find his destiny as the father of all Norse deities and the founder of Viking culture. ​Indeed, Blothar and his Viking horde were the most feared army in the world. But just when it looked as if he would move on from his Scumdog past once and for all, an anomaly in the fabric of time ​sucked Blothar through a time portal from 7th Century Earth and onto stage with the greatest rock band in all space and time…GWAR.

GWAR The Band

Balsac The Jaws Of Death – Rhythm Guitar
Jizmak Da Gusha – Drums
Sawborg Destructo – Co Vocals
Pustulus Maximus – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bonesnapper – Backing Vocals
Blothar – Lead Vocals
Beefcake The Mighty – Bass, Backing Vocals

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