Interview With Botswana’s Heavy Metal Band “Skinflint”

Skinflint is a three-piece Heavy Metal band from Gaborone, Botswana founded by Guitarist & Vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana in 2006. Recruiting Kebonye Nkoloso on Bass and recently Cosmos Modisaemang on Drums.

They have incorporated elements from African culture with Heavy Metal music, attracting the attention of international media such as CNN, Dutch TV, Swedish National Television, BBC and many more. Their releases Iklwa, Gauna, Dipoko Nyemba, Chief of the Ghosts, the self-titled Skinflint and their most recent album Hate Spell pay homage to African spirituality, and mythology, while still playing in the vein of Traditional Heavy Metal, this has been seen as a pioneering example of African Metal.

In 2013 the band released their album Iklwa with Pure Steel Records.
In 2018 the band released their albu Skinflint with Into Records.
Now in 2023, Skinflint have released their newest album Hate Spell with Into Records.

It was my pleasure to have a chat with the amazing band from Botswana to talk on the new album and much more, check out the audio interview in the YouTube below.

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Bloody Quills
  3. Sasabonsam
  4. Hate Spell
  5. Blood Dripping From Torso To Toes
  6. Shape Shifter
  7. Mankind Creation
  8. Eloko
  9. Witch Haunting
  10. Spirit Board
  11. Conquest
  12. Ju Ju King

Music Videos

The Band

Giuseppe Sbrana – Guitars/Vocals
Kebonye Nkoloso – Bass
Cosmos Modisaemang – Drums

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