Interview With Brazilian/Canadian Progressive Star “Leo Maia”

“Pneumothorax” is the dynamic debut single from progressive rock/metal artist LEO MAIA. With a distinctive style rooted in vintage ‘70s prog influences, blended with post-rock and spiced up with heavy metal riffs, the Brazilian composer, now based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, is beginning his musical journey with a stunning release.

LEO MAIA’s philosophy is to make modern prog rock that is accessible with a primary focus on song writing. Drawing from a wide range of influences including the likes of DREAM THEATER, MOGWAI and KING CRIMSON, the complexity in his music derives from jazz-based harmonies and modulations (key changes) for conveying emotions through the narrative of the track. Continually changing odd time signatures play with the fluidity of the music while catchy melodies draw you into the progressive sound. “Pneumothorax” is a journey through LEO MAIA’s own personal experience. Following a spontaneous total collapse of the left lung leaving him in a hospital bed with draining chest tubes for over a week, this piece channels powerful emotions from the experience into this intricate and passionate song. 

Beautifully crafted melodies and harmonies combine to deliver an epic piece of composition. From soaring vocals and jazz instruments to organ sections and heavy distorted guitars, “Pneumothorax” has it all. The single is fantastic debut bringing something different into the progressive realms.

It was my pleasure to have the rising star “Leo Maia” on an interview to talk about Pneumothorax and his musical career into the ladder of Stardom. Check out the awesome Leo on the below YouTube video.

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