Interview With Brazil’s Old Lamp

Rock band was formed in 2019, in Brazil, when Ricardo Nobre Jr. convinced former Daffne band partner Sérgio Murillo, who was away from the stage, to come back to play.

The name Old Lamp means old lamp and was chosen by the duo. The idea of the name came from the realization that the old duo still composed music, even after this hiatus that lasted almost 30 years. And that’s why the phrase came up: “The old lamp still lights!”

With the partnership of bassist Robson Serra, who created the band’s logo, and with the arrival of drummer Franzé Batera and, later, guitarist Raul Ponte, this rock band has definitely added material to the authorial music scene. Today, the band Old Lamp already has more than 80 compositions in just 2 years of formation

It was my pleasure to Speak with Sergion Murillo on the band, the album and much more, Check out the below YouTube for the complete coverage.

  1. Body N Soul
  2. Music Is My Life
  3. Little Honey
  4. Got My Life Back
  5. Beauty Maiden
  6. Till The Dawn
  7. Iced Heart
  8. Outrageous
  9. Days Ago
  10. Spit On Your Pretty Face
  11. What Do You Want From Me
  12. Back To Dust
  13. Lame Ass
  14. Something New

The Band

Sérgio Murillo – vocal and guitar;
Ricardo Nobre Jr. – guitar;
Raul Ponte – guitar;
Robson Serra – bass;
Franzé Batera – drums

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