Interview With Brazil’s Reggae Metal Band “Zion’z”

Zion’z is a Brazilian Reggae Metal band that mixes the heavy riffs of new metal, with the aggressive and rhyming rap vocals combined with all the reggae’s melody and positivity.

A Brief History In Time:

“Metanoia” album that was composed, recorded, produced and mixed by Benx, completed 1 year of its release in February 2023. There were 11 tracks, 2 music videos, 3 singles on KissFm, more than 15K of digital streams and 16 concerts held between March 2022 and January 2023. The Metanoia album had 3 singles on KissFM from São Paulo. “Jah me Abençoa” (Jah Bless Me) played on the program Autoral Brasil while “Cova dos Leõs” (Lion’s Den) and “Resistente” (Resistant) led the band to receive prominence as artist of the month CDbaby – a digital music distributor – by the program “Filhos da Pátria” (Sons of the Fatherland) of Clemente Nascimento –
an important Brazilian rock musician. Getting some attention in Curitiba scene and with a great album,“Metanoia” caught the attention of the Habrok Music label founded by Sidônio Raftopoulos. Musician, singer and music producer Mauro Henrique is the artistic director of the label. Through his first album on “Oficina G3”, he won the
Latin Grammy in 2009.

In 2010 the band released the album “Hope of a New Day” on Loading Music Festival that took place in the city of Goiânia/GO, playing with P.O.D. and others Brazilian rock bands like Dead Fish, Granada, Skin Culture and Soul Factor.

Festival Winner

Five stages, 80 bands entered and more of 20 hours of Rock ‘n’ roll. That was the “Batalha do Rock 2022” (Battle of Rock 2022) in Curitiba (southern Brazilian city), the band Zion’z was the winner in the authorial category, winning a professional music video and an exclusive consultancy with producer Paulo Baron. Judges Ron “Bumblefoot” (Guns N’ Roses & Sons of Apollo), Marcelo Barbosa (Angra) and Paulo Baron Rojo chose the band unanimously as the winner.

It was my great pleasure to have Benx and Robertinho on the Interview to talk on the Video Babylon System and much works of the year, and the future.

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