Interview With Broken Wings

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editorial Head, How are you doing?

Hi Keith, nice to meet you! We are all right, we have just finished shooting the second video and we are thrilled!

June 2022, you released an epic album “Against the Wind” would you like to tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

Epic even? Oh! Thank you! Later you will tell us which song struck you the most, we are curious. So, we can say that all the songs on this album are born from an inspiration or from a rehearsal improvisation. 

Almost always Max with his guitar churns out an idea of ​​a riff that is followed and developed by all of us. Following me / Sabrina creates the vocal line and from here then Ilenia and Gabriele merge suggesting the right rhythm. Playing together we learned to know each other in our particularities, learning to value them rather and at the same time to merge into a good amalgam, trying to make us emerge together and individually.

We did things a bit the other way around, starting first to propose our live songs and, subsequently, to decide to make a recording and self-produce the album.

At the origin of this record there is the desire to get involved and play the best of ours despite all the obstacles of the daily routine, despite the age, despite the limited time and economic possibilities. A rebirth, a musical growth but also a lot of friendship, vent and fun. We took great care of the sounds and tried as much as possible to recreate the “live” situation in the recording.

We produced ourselves and chose the Mushroom Recording Studio as the recording studio and Marzona Francesco as the “director”.

It was an unforgettable experience at the Mushroom in regard to the location of the studio and the wonderful welcome we had. The studio is isolated and immersed in a fantastic wood, the interiors are rustic, the environment is familiar, welcoming and warm. The owner of the studio was always available and attentive to our needs. Marzona Francesco, who took care of all the recording, mixing and mastering, immediately proved to be professional and meticulous, always open to discussion and suggestions. Collaborating with both of them was top!

Was there any particular concept of the album?

There is no real concept upstream, the issues addressed are different, so as not to be too detailed, we can generally say that the lyrics focus on friendship, difficulties, dreams and hopes. The entire album aims to share and tell real life. We have been very inspired by what surrounds us and what we experience. Any listener can find themselves in at least one of the 11 songs if not all, as long as it is truly a rock spirit!

Mind blowing rock awesomeness, I enjoyed each song with the hard rock extravaganza of this album, how do you feel about the outcome as a band?

We are satisfied with the result, the album was liked and we have had a lot of positive feedback in this regard compared to our previous experiences and formations. At the band level we are equally satisfied, mostly because at the base there is a lot of friendship, harmony and harmony that many other bands do not have.

You released an amazing video for “Devil Jane”, can you tell me about the song and making of the video?

With Devil Jane we touch on a serious topic that is close to our hearts, unfortunately still very current: that of violence, in every form, which many people are forced to immediately without being able to rebel, but also of freedom, sometimes resulting from extreme gestures. for its obtaining, and of the truth.

Sometimes the judgment towards the other occurs without a thorough knowledge of how things really are. What matters to us is that in the end every “Jane” can be free!

The video was made by Pablo de Blasi chemo for professionalism and creativity, and the shooting was mainly thanks to the home of our singer and in various neighboring areas.

Some of our friends contributed with both warmth and enthusiasm as protagonists and logistical support. A truly unique experience that ended with an excellent product, at the best of our possibilities. What do you say? What is the line between good and evil? Are you on Jane’s side?

How is the touring plans been so far and what would be upcoming touring plans?

Also in this case there is a sort of self-management, we do not have a manager or a booking agency behind us. From Release to today we are certainly satisfied, we have had live situations in clubs and festivals in the region. Now we are committed to getting out of the area as much as possible and finding live situations in unexplored territories, clubs and festivals abroad or even in Italy, in any case outside the region. This is to be able to broaden our audience to the maximum and have a wider feedback on our music.

What are next plans for the band?

In the future we can tell you that we already have several new songs in the pipeline and certainly in line with our poor economic possibilities, we will do everything possible to release a new album soon. we learned a lot making the first one for the Broken wings, and thanks to this fantastic experience we can only do better for the second. I’m not going to tell you what it will be about and what the style of the new songs will be, I can only tell you that if you like the first, the second will be even more rock n ‘roll. any surprises? come and hear us live, something will be revealed! among the novelties there is also that of creating on vinyl a mix of songs between the first and second album, as in the past, in which to collect the best of the broken wings of these years.

Can you tell me how Broken Wings started and how you guys joined together?

The Rock Band Broken Wings was set up in Udine (Northern Italy) in December 2018 and is formed by Massimo Zanuttini (guitar), Ilenia Serini (drums), Sabry Sabu (vocals) and Gabriele Plai (bass). They owe their name to the determination that distinguishes them for being against misfortunes and adversities as well as a great friendship and union. The idea came from Massimo (ex-Party Animals / Lost Souls / Tycoon) who, after the electrifying experience overseas, playing at the Whiskey a Go Go and at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles with Party Animals and at  various shared lives with small and large artists, in particular Chris Slade (AC / DC), Lost Angels (Slash’s Snakepit, White Lion, Alice Cooper, Cinderella), Thundermother, decides to take up the challenge on a new project, “calling to order” Sabry (ex Party Animals / Hard Cock Suicide), Ile (ex Party Animals / Jebbalsag), and adding the strength of a great friend on bass Gabry (ex Gold & Rust / Soundstrack / Tycoon / Two Geese). 

Formed in 2018, how has the musical journey been so far?

During the “journey”, as you say, we have become more and more close-knit at the band level and we can say that there has been a growth in the care of sounds and arrangements compared to our past experiences, but also a greater depth and union as people, as well as greater spontaneous interaction. We also faced the hard moment of the COVID pandemic together, and we enjoyed every moment together and faced every difficulty together, to reach our goal, the realization and sharing of this new album and the tour. The journey continues …. we can’t wait to reach the next stop!

What would be some of the big moments for the band?

The winnings and participation in national contests have certainly been wonderful moments for the band both for sharing with other talented musicians and emotionally for the win and the goal achieved. Another significant moment was certainly the presentation concert of the new album, very exciting and with a really warm audience. Unforgettable.

Equally important as moments lived together are certainly the recording phases and the making of the videos. Seeing a dream come true fills the heart.

What is the biggest dream?

The biggest dream? There are many.. . surely one is to share the stage with a great artist / a great band .. in front of a large audience. Certainly another is to have success with our music, to be able to enter the hearts of the public who listens to us at least with a song that will remain … forever.

How do you look into the future?

We are constantly evolving, We have several new songs in the pipeline that we will focus on in the coming winter months after the summer / fall live tour. In the future ? always like yesterday and today: damned rockers !!!

What would be the message for the fans?

Music saves life, never stop listening to it and being curious and discovering new ones. Go to concerts, support emerging bands and never stop dreaming! See you at the next lives! Lots of rock n ‘roll everyone!