Interview With “Call The Fraud”

It all started 2019 when Patrik Svedlund joined a band called Claypit for a shorter period.Claypit’s vocalist Roger Jansson,received a few songs, that Patrik needed some help with to complete. Not until 2021,as Claypit was set in a resting mode,it was decided to give it a try. Roger liked the songs and wroted some lyric ,and they recorded the vocals in Patrik´s apartment .First out was the single ”Falling Down”. It sounded so good that they decided to take it further. Roger Jansson came up with the name Call The Fraud as he´s been playing some texas holdém. Everyting is recorded in Patriks apartment and still is ,except fore the vocols, as neighbour´s started to complain.

About Roger Jansson 

Started out with the band Hawk in1994 ,vocals and additional keyboard.  

In 2009 he joined Claypit ,recorded one record that yet is not being released,according to internal problems,sad but true. All along he is being doing a side project Rövarkören ,with another seven old fiends,but that is another cup of tea.It´s always been about vocals 

About Patrik Svedlund 

Born in Stockolm 1971. Started to play guitar in his teen. Listening to Iron Maiden, Saxon, TNT, Ratt, Queensryche,Yngwie Malmsteen. Quit and picked up the guitar again around 2000 when he moved to a small town Sala. The early projects is called MikPat, Drenched and Puttrix. Patrik is playing all instruments and all programming keyboards and drums,and some additional vocals. 

It was a pleasure to have Roger & Patrik on the interview to talk on the album “What’s Next” and much more, check out the YouTube video for the complete coverage of the interview.

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