Interview With Catalysis

Catalysis is a 4-piece metal band from Dundee, Scotland. Formed in late 2016, the band have released 2 studio EPs; ‘Into the Unknown’ (2017), ‘Catalysis’ (2018) and their debut full-length album ‘Connection Lost’ (2020). The self-titled EP and album were mixed and mastered by Death Metal legend Mendel bij de Leij (ex-Aborted) and both received very positive reviews upon release. ‘Connection Lost’ also features guest guitar solos from Phil Demmel (Vio-Lence, ex-Machine Head) and Joey Radziwill (Sacred Reich).

September 17, 2021 they released their EP Relicta, a fantastic outcome from the band once again, It was my pleasure to talk to Calum on the release and much more. Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.

“Relicta” tracklist: 

1. A New Way To Die (3:55)

2. Don’t Look Down (4:01)

3. Forgiven Not Forgotten (3:34)

4. Laid To Waste (3:46)

5. The Point Of No Return (3:54)

6. Exit Loop (Before Expression is False) (4:25)

Music Videos

The Band

Col MacGregor – Vocals

Drew Cochrane – Lead guitar and vocals

Sean Ramson – Guitar and vocals

Pablo Edwards – Bass

Calum Rennie – Drums