Interview With Charlie Munro Of Hellbore

Panopticon is the sophomore album from HELLBORE, the death metal outfit striding both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The new record marks an evolution in their sound expanding their scope from thrash infused death, now embracing a variety of modern death metal subgenres including technical death metal, progressive death metal, and deathcore. 

It was my pleasure to have Charlie on an Interview, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube.


  1. Libertus
  2. All Men Are Created Evil
  3. Angel Slayer
  4. Terror Eyes
  5. Necrocracy
  6. Panopticon I
  7. Panopticon II
  8. Panopticon III

The Band

Charlie Munro, based in the UK, all guitars, bass, mixing and production
Chris Whitby, based in New York, vocals

On Socials