Interview With Coma Hole

COMA HOLE are determined to make an impact with their debut EP both musically, drawing from a plethora of genres, and lyrically tackling face on darker aspects of life. The commanding drum and bass duo fuse doom, stoner and 80s/90s grunge styles into their compelling sound.

COMA HOLE has produced a beautifully raw and authentic debut. The EP immerses into the very depths of the darkest emotions human beings can endure but also celebrates the strength to keep going and passage to recovery.

It was my pleasure to speak to the band on the debut EP that is to be out on April 22 and much more, Check out the complete coverage below.


  1. The Familiar
  2. Old Climb
  3. Wind And Bone
  4. Sinking


The Band

Eryka Fir: Vocalist/Bassist
Steve Anderson: Drummer

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