Interview With Danish Blackened Death Metal “The Dark Overlords”

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine The Dark OverLords, I’m Keith the Head of the Magazine, how are you doing?

We’re doing great. All is right in the lair of the Overlords. Humankind is ripe for domination and we simply await the day for which we shall dominate this planet.
How are you?

Your Second EP Darkpocalypse is to be out on May 6, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the EP?

The Dark Overlords is a 100% DIY project. We write, record and mix everything ourselves. We write as a collective, and we all add to the songwriting with riff ideas, song structures etc. With this EP we wanted to continue adding to the style of extreme black metal that we established on our first EP. We also wanted to add in more different genre elements, particularly some elements of grindcore, which we feel shine through best on the song Ritus Dæmonius.

The process of making Darkpocalypse has been very similar to making our first EP. Although we have also changed things up a little bit. Most importantly we didn’t write the EP as individual songs, but instead we sat down and wrote the whole thing in chronological order. We felt this made us more capable of creating a coherent feel and flow through the different tracks.
The Recording process was also influenced by this decision to write everything in order. Instead of recording the songs individually, we treated to whole EP as one recording session and had all the songs recording together in project. This also extended to the mixing, where everything was mixed together in the same project file. 

Was there any concept that was put behind this 5 tracked EP?

The universe of The Dark Overlords is inspired by a wide variety of science fiction, horror, occultism and mysticism. This goes for the lyrics and artwork for Darkpocalypse as well.

A fascinating Cover Art has been made for this EP, Can you tell me about the theme behind it?

The artwork was hand painted by our drummer Dark Overlord #3. The artwork is a direct interpretation of some of the lyrics of Darkpocalypse. On the artwork is seen the three Dark Overlords performing their dark sacrificial ritual. 

A total amazing dark black metal album with so much power, With Extreme progression of music, an amazing EP as an whole, How do you guys feel about the outcome of it?

Thank you! We are very proud of what we managed to accomplish with this EP. We feel like we have been able to push our music and our own abilities further than we have done previously, and we hope to keep this progression going on future releases. So far the reception from reviewers and listeners has been great as well. 

What is the plans on the day of the release on May 6?

We didn’t really have any big release. The EP was a digital release only. We sat down and had a listen to the EP ourselves, for the first time in a long while, and agreed that we are all very happy with the results… And then got really, really drunk.  

How does the touring plans for this year?

We have no current tours our shows planned for The Dark Overlords. We are all engaged in other musical projects which keeps us busy on the live music front.
That is not to say though, that The Dark Overlords is a strictly studio-based project. We have already had a couple of very well received live performances as a band.
We are open for bookings and anybody interested in having us on line-up of a festival or show are welcome to contact us at 

Would you like to share how the Dark Overlords was formed and any particular reason for keeping yourself anonymous?

We’ve all played in bands together before and The Dark Overlords are a way for us to try and create music in a different way for what we have done in other projects.
Part of the reason for the anonymity is that we want to keep our work as The Dark Overlords separated from other projects we are involved with, and it adds to the atmosphere and imagery of our music to be a masked band.

What would be some of the upcoming plans for this year?

We have already taken the first few steps toward writing on our next release for The Dark Overlords. So the plans for the year will be writing new music, which will then hopefully turn into a release for early next year. And hopefully play some more live shows with the project. 

How has the reach on a global scale since the inception of the band?

When we started this project we didn’t really expect anybody to even listen to this music. It was just something we did for ourselves without any expectations of publicity or even reviews or interviews.
So just that fact that we are here doing this interview already surpassed, what we thought this project would be able to achieve.

We’ve seen reviews, comments, and listeners come in for our music from all around the world, and we are really happy that people seem to enjoy the music we are making.

Any message for the fans of Darkness?

Expect to hear much more music from us in the coming years!
And most importantly:

“Darkpocalypse” tracklist:

01. Darkpocalypse
02. Ritus Dæmonius
03. Sacrificial Chamber
04. Soul Taker
05. The Ladder Of Your Demise

The Band

Dark Overlord #1 – vocals, lyrics, recording, mixing
Dark Overlord #2 – guitar, bass
Dark Overlord #3 – drums, programming, artwork, layout 

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