NIGHTWRAITH is a band exploring the genre with an eclectic and intuitive approach. Their music encompasses poignant themes: seeking the sublime in nature, being genuine in a deceptive world, and living with the idea of death – concepts that unite us all as people. Using haunting melodies and triumphant anthems, the band offers listeners a sonic pilgrimage into the heart of being human. 

Offering is a monumental effort that will surely turn some heads in the death metal circuit and beyond. With the addition of a new member in early 2021 (keyboards/synthesizer), the band broadened the scope of their exploration, making Offering an experience that is both aggressive and textural. 

Offering was out on March 25th, and I had the pleasure to speak to the band on the release and much more, Check out the awesome guys of Nightwraith on its full coverage on the YouTube video below.


1. Offering (1:53)

2. Hedonic Adaptation (6:23)

3. Beguiler (6:44)

4. Genesthai (6:02)

5. The Great Acceleration (4:56)

6. Shavano (6:25)

7. Maranasati (4:27)

8. The Snake and the Rope (6:12)

Music Videos

The Band

Benjamin Pitts – Vocals, Guitar

Igor Panasewicz – Guitar

Caleb Tardio – Keyboards

Jerry Hilger – Bass

Isidro ‘Spy’ Soto – Drums

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