Interview With Disadaptive

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the editorial head, how are you today?

Hello Keith ! Greeting from Moscow’s Disadaptive. We’re good, thank you, still alive and kicking !

In May you put up your album “With Worms To Feast” can you tell me a bit about the songwriting and production behind the album?

Thanks! That’s a good point to start from! Regarding songwriting I just try to think of the riffs wherever and whenever I can, sometimes I even sing them recording on my cell phone and later when I’m at my laptop I carry them over to Guitar Pro format following creating some simple drum track to better understand the song structure. Sometimes I write lyrics specifically for a song, sometimes no, after we consider a text fine our vocalist Dmitry thinks how to arrange and perform it the best way he can to fit the track. We’re still not a live band so most of the work’s done using minds and PC, so after a couple of rehearsals with a live drummer we use to enter a studio to record the stuff, then mixing, mastering and all those things.

You have also combined your earlier EP “To Walk The Path Of Damned” as a combined album to make it full length, any reason behind the combination?

Actually “With Worms To Feast” is not an album as it may seem and never considered so, but the compilation of two EPs: the very first one was self issued in February 2020 and called “To walk the path of the damned” and after we got signed with Svanrenne they agreed to issue our second EP “With worms to feast” in one CD along with the first one already released at the moment. That’s how we landed up with this CD containing two EPs which was issued May 1st 2021, but it seems that most of the people consider it an album, but we’re fine on this, you know!

What was the concept of the album?

To tell you the truth, there has never been any special concept, but a combination of everything we see around and read of: history of wars, other literature, religious aspects, movies and so on, all sorts of information went through the minds and seen at the angle of Death Metal music.

A perfect Old School metal with a blend of Thrash elements, the album is so awesome in complete, how do you feel about the outcome?

Thanks, Keith! I personally think no musicians are 100% satisfied with most of the stuff they issue, on the other side we are actually quite happy with it especially that we’ve got positive responses from different parts of the globe! This makes us to keep spinning this wheel.

How is the touring coming up for you guys? Any plans on an international tour?

As I mentioned we still don’t have a full live line-up, but maybe one day this will change and we go touring to Mexico!

How has the musical walk been so far for you guys?

Despite Disadaptive is quite young, we’ve been playing in some metal/hardcore local bands since 2000s, but this is really the first real attempt to play Death Metal.

What would be some of the great moments for you guys?

The best moment here for sure is the one when you can take in your hands the final product, CD or cassette, open it and listen ! 

Would you like to talk how Disadaptive was formed?

Disadaptive was set in action in Moscow, Russia in the beginning of 2019 by Dmitry Sokolov and Sergey Naydenov. From the very beginning we aimed at 90s old school death metal in vein of both the European and the scene from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

We started rehearsals as a complete band with full line up. Between January and February 2019 we managed to make material for the first EP “To walk the path of the damned”, then the drummer left the band for personal reasons so that the question arose if we would split up and close the band or continue. We decided to continue.

Ultimately, the new ideas of the band members were embodied in the second EP “With worms to feast” which was issued by Svanrenne Music in May 2021.

What would be the next plans for the band?

To record and issue the first album would be the great step forward !

Finally do you have any message for the metal fraternity and fans around the world?

Never abandon things if you like what you do despite everything around seems to be fighting against you !

Stay Metal !